Hello Everyone! Thor here to talk to you about illegal pots.


Howdy all,

My name it Thor and I am a heavy pot(potion) user. Well that is because apparently I found a chest with some “illegal” pot and me and a friend used them. That’s when I got hooked…my friend invited one more person to enjoy the pots with us. So we did, but that was it. No one else got them as far as I know.

So my purposal is: First things first, I should be unbanned becuase this is my first time getting in any trouble on the server. Second, I didn’t know they were “illegal” and this ban should have been a warning. Third, I am not a bad person! Fourth, I like the server and its community.

Thank you all for reading my post on pots and how illegal pot can ruin your day.

                                                                                             Your pal,

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@thor14672 Denied. Use the proper form please Banned? Read Me