Banned plus mistaken

Earlier today I was accused of using X-ray hacks to find diamonds. And then I was banned by the admin sip, then robin_(something) went into the chat and said I was planning on hacking the server and I heard sip was announcing it through the chat, 1st I have NO idea how to do any of that, and as far as X-ray’ the way I find diamonds is I dig straight down to 12 layers above bedrock and create a square room, which I then proceed mining all 4 walls basically mining in every direction finding me about 3 diamonds per 10-15 min, I was lied about that I was hacking, and I was misheard about X-ray, I know I I called that square mining tactic a " special method" but was not hacking, and I would never know how to hack a server, I hope you read this Sip because I thought an admin like you would not believe someone who tells you theres someone taking down a server

Your ratio on diamonds was totally unlegit and I believe you even said in chat you used X-Ray after I accused you. You mined 1 diamond for every 13 other blocks. 3 per 10-15min is an obvious lie. Tell me that is legit.

I quoted a post from the forums saying that you were hacking and then said “lol” right after. There is no way I know that you can’t hack. I was mocking it more than anything.

Oh and also according to a few people from in game chat, you said you would hack the server while you were on Skype. Your story keeps getting better.

Also you killed Shadowmeires animals and had several grief notes found by busterleaf (or something like that) and Sacreddeathflame.

Hes gonna stay perm banned!

im sure your chances are very low sir…

which animals? in Treetop?

yes and most. there were 2 red sheep, 4 chickens left

Yeah rainbow broke into your animal farm shadow I found where he broke into it. So rainbow that’s 2 offenses against you.

well i guess this is my que to update the barn and add more areas for animals.
i need to do some work in Treetop anyways. i guess ill do that now

More than 2 actually.

  1. Hacking threats
  2. Use of X-ray.
  3. Killing a players sheep. (A form of griefing.)
  4. Griefing.
  5. Lying to staff.

Not looking good at all.

Well this IS a PVP server is it not, and before you try to say its not than why does its say “Now Leaving spawn PVP ON”

No it is not a pvp server in the sense you mean. You can battle other players if both parties agree, but this is not the hardcore pvp you will find on some other servers.

PvP is killing other players not killing their property like sheep.

exactly the destruction of peoples property animals or theft of items is griefing and not tolerated here.

For stealing stuff: I read the Guidelines and it says ONLY LOCKED CHESTS ARE INSURED, i only took stuff from unlocked, so dont contradict me on that, and i never actually DESTROYED anything, i replaced anything i broke so theres no damage, and there were no animals in the tree tops, there was a building with sheep in it, maybe you should put land protection on the server hmm?

rainbow none will ever let you back griefer

plus dude your a noob

Treetop is a town. Not literally tree tops. We haven’t actually accused you of stealing, but you have just admitted it to us, which you decided to hide from us earlier. However, as you said it us up to the player themselves to protect their property, so we can’t do anything about that. If griefing had been repaired, we wouldn’t have found it. Hacking threats are still not tolerated, neither is xray.

Spiral, do not post in ban appeals that you are not directly related to. And don’t double post, you have been asked about that numerous times.

You broke into the treetop barn the doors are locked I even found where you broke in. Yes you repaired it, but you were breaking and entering.

I hate to be the one thats gonna oppose everyone else’s opinion, but seriously I respect Rainbow. he/she has made quite the effort into following the rules as it is stated. Perhaps its OUR faults as the staff for not being specific enough in our rules. I think Rainbow should be given a second chance and that we should take time to reinstate our rules more specifically. I think Rainbow has learned through the ban so far that what he/she did was wrong. And if we are to catch him/her using x-ray, then there will be no more second chances for good.

tbh i would have to think about it.

i will say i competely understand if im not given a 2nd chance, and even if i was back in, the only way i guess you would know i would not do any thing else is my word, though whether or not you take my word, i know that can not help plead my case, all i can say is sorry, and if you dont accept, i will

It will be discussed, we will get back to you when a decision is made.