Banned from Dyn Map?

Shadow, did you IP ban me?

O_o Ip banned people are banned from the dyna-map? Why didn’t anyone tell me this? (or I just forgot.)

xD, and yes they are.

Yes, you were banned for harassing/spamming from it i believe.

I wasn’t spamming, or harrasing anyone…

You were IPbanned by both me and Shadow, because your ban appeal was denied and you shouldn’t be on the dynamic map now should you? I see really no reason for you to be talking on there except to talk to people, but you shouldn’t be because you are banned. Basically what you’re doing is avoiding your ban by just thinking “guess I’ll go on the dynamic map and talk to everyone there since I’m banned”. Yeah no your not suppose to do that, a ban is a ban and now you will have to deal with it.

Well… that is that i assume.