Ban Appeal Nero7634

Minecraft Username: DJROCK20060 now Nero7634

Date of Ban: March 2014

Banned by: Kurry

Reason for Ban: Hacking

Reason to be Unbanned: It was 4 years ago and was being kinda stupid and when I did join I didn’t even make it out the server spawn. However, I have come to the realisation that I actually want to play on the server as my friend TheOctopus plays on this server.

Previous appeals: Yes, however, I do not know where this is. Although when I did make it I was a stupid 14-year-old.

Kurry isn’t the most active player so I might take this however, @Kurry please feel free to take over or add something if you don’t agree.

4 years is definitely quite some time and is certainly enough time to mature. I’d be inclined to unban if we can be assured that you won’t break the rules again.

Previous appeal: djrock200060 - 14th of March, 2014

Staff may also refer to:

ignore this…

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Well, its been a few days and Kurry hasn’t responded yet so I’ll take it from here.

4 years is long enough for a person to change so I’ll go ahead and unban.