Bad connection to server

Last few days my connection to the server became so bad i can’t even mine properly anymore, i have to relog every 20 seconds or so. My internet is basicly perfect , all stripes, and my connection to other servers is very good. I tried multiple things like turning of other devices that might use internet and restarting my computer, and router but the connection is still very bad. Is there anything you or i could do to improve it?

Are you using Windows?

Yes i use windows 10

Any sollutions yet?

I believe it is just where you are in your house, I have the same problem, for example where my bedroom receives less signal from other parts in my house, so I’d suggest moving around if you haven’t already

A little while ago some guys from the company that we get our internet from came to the house and checked the connections. My room recieves allot of signal they even put a thing that makes the signal stronger in my room. But it helps when i move my laptop a bit on my desk.

Can you run the commands in this guide. Once you’ve followed these instructions, reply to this post. Click the upload button (shown below) and attach all the files it tells you to.

I think i know why my connection is bad it’s nothing with the server so i’ll try to fix it.
You can close this topic :slight_smile: