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       [size=12pt]Hi! I recently have noticed that an art thread does not exist. As a creative person, I enjoy drawing and I like opinions on my "art" and I like to receive feedback from others. So, I am here creating this thread. It  

does not have to be a feedback form, but rather a place for individuals to share their art. I present, the PCB art page.

[size=20pt]My Rules:

[ul][li]Feedback should be constructive. No “this sucks” or “I don’t like it.” If you do not like it, give a suggestion instead of a put down.[/li]
[li]Do NOT post scribbles or items that you have not spent time on. Items that you have spent 15 minutes or over is ok.[/li]
[li]Anything inappropriate is not allowed. Unless it is classy. Ex. Renaissance sculptures have included nudity, but its acceptable because it isn’t explicit.[/li]
[li]Nothing racist or overly vulgar.[/li]
[li]If you have multiple images, please post them in one post, not multiple. This is just to avoid spam.[/li]
[li]Remember, this does not just include drawings. This includes (but is not limited to) paintings, poems, songs, sculptures, etc.[/li][/ul]

I’m quite the MS Paint (scribbles) artist

If you are telling the truth, that’s awesome! Submit it.

I still take pride in them

I paint with acrylic, when I feel like posting it, I will show you guys some of my work, maybe when I finish the canvas im working on now.

I have many completed art projects, along with my sketchbook, that I can show you when I feel like posting it.

A hobby of mine. :slight_smile: I’m releasing an album later this year, this is one of the songs off of it. My SoundCloud stuff is really different than my actual work ahaha most of it online is just for fun.

yo x spayd - yakuza was lit as hell

My sister paints with acrylic. I tried and it was hard as hell. I’d like to see your stuff.

I’d like to see them brood

Those are 2 of the many. When I bring my sketchbook home ill show you guys.

Double SoundCloud combo???

[size=8pt]If that link doesn’t work try this

we did have an art section seems it got lost in the last website update.

some of the rules I do find overboard.
Someone can i say i don’t like it’’. it’s an opinion and it is also for some important to explore what others like to build on that.

I don’t get why you’re putting time on how much time you should at least put in it.
some person may take a few hours to make something and others do it in 15 minutes.
and everyone has their own opinion on what is art and i think that should stay open.
something that is super simple or easy to do for that person can be a big achievement for the other and we shouldn’t limit the starting people like that

I think he’s referring to constructive vs. destructive. If you just put “I don’t like it,” that’s not benefitting anyone. What helps the artist is if you offer your opinion on what he/she could change.

Lovely! I can post my art somewhere! :slight_smile: (ignoring current chat)

You are over thinking it. Personally, I’m like you. If someone doesn’t like it, they should be able to do so. With all of these sensitive people coming out of the woodwork, you don’t know how that could affect someone like that. And the time limit is to keep scribbles off of this page. Over 15 minutes is a good thing. And if someone posts a scribble and they “worked hard on it” does it mean that it needs to be on the thread, no. Stop over thinking things. Like amphi said, it’s constructive feedback

Talking about poems, today in English class we had “creative writing”

I think I did rather well.

PS: My favourite 2 are the two last ones :smiley:

Since i’m back i may as well share what i’ve been doing in class it’s still a work in progress but woo [details=“Spoiler”][/details]

LOL I was rapping your poems to a 21 savage song ;D

yo that’s really good. I like the composition and colors. I could never really paint. Ill post the only thing I ever painted.


Periodic Table of Music - 005 Boron

[size=8pt]yes the first one i’m putting out will be the fifth one on the album

I consider photography to be art
here’s an album of pictures I’ve been working on for a while
enjoy :slight_smile: