AngelOfLovex3 - Today


Minecraft Username AngelOfLovex3

Date of Ban Today (Idk date because my calendar is in a forren language and i can’t cahnge it.)
Server Classic
Banned by No idea

Reason for Ban Well, today apparently i have been swearing, and threatning people however, i havn’t! I was at my friends house for 3 or 4 hours, she phoned me asking if i would come to her house for a cup of tea or something, so i said that sure i will, i went and after a cup of tea, i was about to go back home when her boyfriend came back from work and her boyfriend offered her, to go to bowling, so she invited me over to go bowling with them, after bowling they dropped me off at my house, i get a bath get dressed open the forums, open xwom log into xwom, join the server, click on Forum and i see that it says Sorry Angeloflovex3, you have been banned and something more, im not exactly sure but i remember it says This ban will never expire or something such like that, i was suprised and thought what the hell! I checked on Wom and i join the server and pops up im banned. So i go onto my brothers account, try joining the server and luckily Kyle was online to unban me on the forums, so i may explain myself why i am innocent.

Reason to be Unbanned

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Don’t leave shit logged in when other people can easily access it.

I don’t think that was the case. The IP address of the other person show it was not the same computer that was used. Whoever it was has access to the brother’s account too. I am having her reset all her passwords pretty much everywhere.

Just so ya know, she does have friends who are “hackers”. They tried to DDOS some famous site. Fail. They got arrested really fast.

Ill say yes because this actually makes sense.

Ocram/marco said it wasnt her

Earlier today she said she was a 32 year old man

Now she says she was at a friends house

Kyle said she has friends that are hackers.

It all makes sense. I vote yes

Well since I banned her


her story is likely however. That being said Angel, make sure that you acknowledge that your account is your responsibility.

Yah, I agree all of the clues match up and I believe a second chance is due here.

This story makes much more sense then what happened because when she did her “Hello World”, she said she was a female age 19 and acted much kinder and nicer and today was a complete change of character as she said she was a 36 year old man?, and the evidence with the IP change does give proof to her story unless she is using a dynamic IP which I doubt.


Who edited the ban appeal?

I just tried to fix it - didnt work :confused:

I fixed it up. Remember not to edit the original post or it will break

While I barely know her, this turn of events is definitely a complete 180 from what I’ve seen of her personality.

While we seem to have proof that it wasn’t her at the time and she is unbanned, I don’t feel like we know the whole story here. How did this happen?

I have some new, news for everybody… Today i woke up and went on skype first of all to see if any of my friends are online, yesterday i was invited to a chat with all the “friend hackers” that i have, so in the chat i say Hi, One of the guys (Andrew, he is not 36 btw) replied saying “Hi” to me, so then i said what you all up to guys and i was gonna ask them what happened yesterday if they know anything about it, however from since when i said “How are you guys” they all started ignoring me, then a couple hours later i call them, and theyre like all silent, i ask them a question and they just say maybe, no or yes,

they’ve been acting very very weirdly today so i do have suspicions it is them, and even more i finally found out that the hacker said his name is Andrew Stan, and that person was an absolute idiot, because one of my “hacker friends” are called Andrew in fact. I don’t know why he did it, and what he thought but all i can say he has been my friend for 2 years now or so, and idk why he decided to do this.

I would guess it’s because i didn’t buy him something that is £50, i mean like why would i buy someone a addon or a game for £50 when i want it myself, so i really have NO clue if its because of that, but Andrew however has blocked,deleted me as well as my other friends so now i think that they are planning to do something to the forums,

however the forums don’t need to be scared about ddos’s by them or anything due to that they all will have their, PC Confiscated as well as possibly being arrested once again. And that’s one fact that they don’t realize so there are my suspicions it’s my friend’s well really it’s not a suspicion its a definite that its them since they have blocked and deleted me off skype.

Also i would like to thank Everybody including the person that has reported about this (Sword) for understanding and believing me, i mean if not Kyle and Ocram then probably i would stay banned but all of this community is fair and understanding, thats why i really enjoy playing on the servers, so once again A big thank you to Everybody for believing and understanding

this may now be locked/closed since everything has been figured out, if anybody still dosn’t believe me then maybe you may PM me and i’ll try to answer you as descriptive as i possibly could.

Again I am concerned here. Angel, this IP you are posting from is the same as the hacked you. I want to know why your IP has changed to this one.

If this is you, PLEASE space your text and watch your punctuation. Colored walls of text are hard on the eyes.

It may help if I can chat with you on Steam. Can you give your steam name or friend me? Kyle8910

To be more specific, the 2 IPs you have been seen with are located in: Stockport, UK and Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

The Stockport IP is probably the fake you.

this may now be locked/closed since everything has been figured out, if anybody still dosn't believe me then maybe you may PM me and i'll try to answer you as descriptive as i possibly could.

but before someone locks this, Can someone sum up that wall of text please?

tl;dr My friends did it?

yes. yes i did…also it doesnt help with my dyslexia

The font was cramped for me as well. I believe my English teacher would have had an aneurysm. Paragraphs. Conclusion sentences.

xD my english teachers would start to move to mexico…

Sorry but they have been re-banned. Apparently calling Dragon and Nam [email protected]$$ses and to go die in a hole.