All hail our new overlords

Greetings friends.

Today we’d like to officially announce several well deserved staff promotions.

Firstly we welcome @hywel and @whbilbo to our staff team. Both previously served terms as moderators and have now moved up the ranks to operator.

Joining the SOP team are @MrFerf and @EstevaoBuilder.

Finally, @Wairoa and @Mannriah have joined the admin team to continue helping out behind the scenes. Both have been contributing tremendously to the server and with the admin role we hope they gain some of the recognition they deserve for their efforts.

Congratulations to all! :slight_smile:

yeah boiiiii

I’m at a conference right now and I’m supper busy. I’ll write something more meaningful when I get a minute. Love you all.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate being able to help the server. This means a lot. Congratulations, Ferf!

Congratulations to EstevaoBuilder and MrFerf on their promotions to SOP!

We know you’ll do us proud :slight_smile:

Congrats lads

All my best dudes killing it. So proud of everyone.

Happy days!

Congrats everyone, this lifted my day a bit haha

Damn I wasn’t expecting those promotions :o

Anyway, congrats everyone you all deserve it!

Congrats everyone good job :smiley:

Holy shit, admin promotions
Since when do these occur

Anyway congratz

congratulations everyone! i wish all of you the best!

Holy Shit! Congrats everyone you deserve it!

I don’t think anyone can get more meaningful than that

congrats guys

Congrats guys! Very well deserved for your efforts.

god damnit, you beat me ferfy

congratulations everyone!!! well deserved!!


just kidding, good job everyone!

Alright. I’m settled in back at home now. Where do I even begin?

First off, it’s a gigantic honor to receive a position like this, and I’m extremely grateful to have even been considered. I joined the PCB community six years ago, and will have served on the staff team for two years in three days. I absolutely love this server and everything it’s about, and I really appreciate my contributions and passion being recognized. I’m also super happy to be promoted along with some other super awesome people. Este, you’re gonna rock it; you’re one of the nicest and smartest kids I know. Keep it my dude. Lewis and Manning, I’m sure you already know how much I look up to you two, and I’m glad that all your contributions and passions are being recognized as well. Once again, I’m super glad to be a member of the red team.

catch me if you can Joe :^)

challenge accepted






Yay! Este and ferf you guys had this coming! Lewis and Mann, you guys have been deserving of the admin rank for a long long time. Have fun trying out your new perms!