A Proposition

Some of you may have noticed that many players, including myself, have not been very active on the server recently, and if so; are only on for a few minutes at most. I cannot speak for all of the players who’ve stopped becoming active, but I’m sure I can speak for most.

The reason for this increase in activity, at least in my opinion, is that we’ve lost that Minecraft server feeling. Our maps are littered with relics of the past and a plethora of abandoned buildings, homes, and towns. Players do not have to focus on surviving in survival, but instead have to focus on profit and capitalism. While it’s a unique icon, many players already have high amounts of money and the economy is heavily unbalanced.

A long time ago, when I played on Minecraft back in Alpha, it was always a struggle to play. Flymods were considered hacking, and would get you banned everywhere you went. There wasn’t a major economy system on most servers. Most servers were just Hey0’s mod and maybe a few core plugins. And I must say that playing on those servers where you had to really survive, were some of the best times I’ve ever had on Minecraft. Some of you know how fun vanilla is, put aside the griefers/spammers/creative abuse/etc.

So now I propose that since our maps are pretty full (and spec, I know you’re going to deny that they are, but overall they really are pretty full), that all players really don’t have to survive to play the game anymore, and that our economy is more unbalanced than North America in the early 20th century, that we conduct a full map reset. New maps, Survival and Creative(because creative is long over due). No transfers, money or items. We could keep the old maps as relics, or downloads if the server could not handle the load of museum maps. I know that there are some of you out there that will be heavily disgusted at this suggestion, but I hope that those of you who are not will support this idea. I know that if this is done we may lose some players, however it would result in more players joining the server, more players coming back to the server, and a stronger community.


I would also like to propose the following new permissions. The following are ranks, and the commands that I personally think are balanced, because as I currently see it, many commands are being removed from Ops-.

-All Commands, excluding Console

-World Edit in Creative

-Admin chat

-Fspeed (fly speed)
-Unlimited Homes, or like 10
-Higher interest in banks
-Death Chests

-Sethome limit increase to 3

-Sethome limit increase to 1
-Kit (some sort of wooden tool kit)

Down with capitalism! Time for MineColony… on a much grander scale! buwhahaha

I would like a restart but maybe not so soon. I would say once we have all the other changes done for the server and forums, then we can restart the maps and economy.

Y’know, i used to be in disagreeance with this proposition not too long ago, but now I think I’ve changed my mind. I have been prone to cyclic playing behavior, and I’ve noticed that alot of the time it stems from lacking the feeling of a “challenge”. Minecraft is simply more fun when it is challenging. I vote yes.

Yomi+fili is not going to like this…

That aside, im somewhat in favor of this. I remember the first time I joined the server where there were bare bones towns, not much in the way of buying and selling as the market was undeveloped. And like hard said; surviving was tough. The survival aspect is what makes the most fun out of a game like this (besides creative).

What I dont like is the thought of our community, our people losing all the work they have achieved, steampunk as an example, it has grown into a community that is beautiful. I wouldn’t want to see it gone.

Well I do like the idea but I’d hate to lose Steampunk.

So for me I’d like Steampunk to be copied for me Or for It to be used as a Spawn for the new server maybe?

I love the overall Idea! A new Challenge!

Oh gosh, WE. No unless they can prove to me on a private server they won’t mess up.

Well of course those permissions would only apply to players with the adequate skill levels in world edit.

Thank God someone else said it. Thank you hard, a huge yes from me,and, sip, we gotta be able to learn it sometime. I’ve never really been able to learn it. It’s something that comes with practice.

Or with SPCM :slight_smile:

what is spcm?

Single Player Commands Mod, it’s great for learning plugin commands without having the permissions :slight_smile:

I am fairly decent with W.E but i know im not gonna get it.

Some reasons why I havnt been to active:
•Im pretty much a god in TF2
•Lack of interest
•Custom maps
•Creating custom maps
•Chatting with a upcoming Youtuber
•Being denied 4 times for mod kind of puts me in a depressed mood for about 3 hours a day
•being pessimistic
•Being too optimistic

Also hard, Trusted gets three homes as it is.
I think Trusted should get Deathchests

@brodur or you can just install the World edit mod for minecraft…

I dont think mods work on Servers, only plugins… i could be wrong though

Get single player commands, and he is talking about testing it on your own. If you want the permissions go out of your way to learn, because others shouldn’t go out of theirs to help you. I don’t mean to hate on you at all Shadow, but just something that everyone should do. Plugins like LogBlock are different, because it really only applies to servers, and that takes about 5 min to learn.

I don’t think trusted should have deathchests…

All that work on my carnival… Eh who needs it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m down like a “clown” I actually love the idea and i completely agree. I’ve heard rumor of a NEW EXTREME CANYON BIOME that is suppose to be released in 1.6 so I think we should wait.

I mean, personally, if i dont know what a command is with w/e, i dont typically use it, unless i look online and find a quick guide on how to use it. even when i do use it, i do small areas until i know what it is.

How about a separate map with no economy, factions and possibly hardcore mode map specific banning?

I’m also going to be pretty honest here. I think donator/trusted having flying is a bit too much in Survival. It also might be a cause for the richer getting richer as they just have to fly into a cave/nether and get the minerals they desire, and then sell those. Plus the game is just overall easier I’ve noticed. Oh, and I’m not really a fan of W/E in survival… I’d like to see some more epic towns in creative though. :smiley:

I’m all for a new map, but would wait until 1.6 as I’ve heard it is a terrain gen. update. And Horsies!

New maps are past due though, maybe that ALONG with new maps?