A frank good-bye.

Yea I know if I ever return that this is going to shoot me in the foot. Ooops.

Hey PCB,

My name is Ka_52, and I was a PCB Operator for 2.5 years. As you can obviously tell, this is no longer the case. I would like to think that my service to PCB was worth it, but frankly looking at the amount of time I have put into this server it has been a waste. During the “golden years” staff like Sipjca, Fili*****, JetBirdie, Brodur, ItalianChild and Ouhai/Liam ran the server and it was great. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and quality of the server. But things have changed, dare I say declined. Not that this is something that could be controlled but it was disheartening. Some of us have posted about this before:




Frankly my thoughts then are still valid now. I was going to post this awhile back but didn’t want to detract from the promotions.

Staff will also back-stab you. I admit, I am not the most active person, but I posted various times thru July/August and did have some time on the server. No warning and wham! demotion. This sort of behaviour I would expect from 14 year olds, not 21 year old adults. But I mean with staff currently raging about things like building to close in public forum sections and others saying “how did I get SOP?” I mean what is expected? Other staff members of higher ranks have also been fairly inactive, yet where is their archive, oh wait demotion? This double standard can basically be applied to most things in PCB. If a member finds a way to use creative in survival ban. But when an OP and a SOP do it nothing happens. How can we expect this sort of thing to go unpunished?

I truly enjoyed being an OP on this server. The only real wish I have is to see how my multiple SOP applications went - this should be addressed for others in the future - how to improve so that ranks are more fluid.

and @Yomigaere , while we did not always agree you single handedly deserve to be staff more than most others. Your frank and true opinions will make PCB stronger. I hope you help create a new golden-era for PCB. god knows no one else will.

It’s been something PCB,

Former PCB Operator
Former Golden Era Player


I understand Ka. I will miss you though! My golf buddy!! I can kind of relate to what’s going on with you. I don’t blame you. Best of luck!

I don’t even.


No seriously, what caused this? If it’s demoting for inactivity, I’m already planning to speak to SOP+ about that as it was fucking pointless.

I see him on the forums fairly often, as well. The demotion, if Liam doesn’t even know of it, was not necessary, I’m sure… :confused:

Even I see Ka from time to time even though we are in complete different timezones

I know probably some of you will hate me for saying what I say in this paragraph, but I am not trying to be hateful, I am trying to speak the truth. If you think you will get offended, then don’t read it.

I could not agree with you more, Ka. I have been feeling this way about PCB for a while now. I’ve been here for a while now, and I can also agree, PCB is not the same. I’ll be completely honest, I did like our old staff team more than our current one. I honestly feel that a lot of people who have their staff rank today, don’t really deserve it at all, and I do remember when you had to actually work hard to get a staff position, and when people actually did deserve to be staff. Only reason I haven’t left is because of my few friends I actually have left on this server, and I’ll tell you, there ain’t many now. I may not have been here as long as you, but, the server still has gone downhill majorly in my opinion. I have taken a break from this server 2 or 3 times now, because of how outraged I had become at the moment. I honestly did not feel this way a while back, it’s more as of late. I’m not afraid to admit this either, as some of you know me and my friend own a server. The reason we created this server was really, to well, get away from PCB. We were feeling the same as you Ka. I know these are certainly not the golden days anymore, and we will probably never go back to them. I honestly don’t feel like this is a fun, exciting community anymore. I honestly want to leave PCB too, but it’s just those couple of friends why I stay here, and if they weren’t here anymore, I would leave in a heartbeat. Some of you people say these are the “Golden Days”, well to be honest, I completely disagree with y’all. Sure we have more members and donations and whatever the crap, but the golden days are about having fun and everyone being happy, but we all have our own opinion. A time when I really felt this way was when Fili was gone, because I thought he was actually a good person, and I hated to see him go, and it made me realize what was happening to PCB. I honestly was very upset. Once again, I feel the exact same way as you Ka, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your life.

I’m sorry, PCB. This server has gone downhill. The Golden era was good while it lasted, but it has changed.


Your ‘demotion’ was because you haven’t been seen in game for a month, and before that brief period of activity you were inactive for about 2 months. The ‘demotion’ isn’t really a demotion at all. As soon as you come back and show us signs of activity you will be re-promoted, no questions, no applications. It is to make it simpler for everyone to see who they are likely to see on the server at the moment.

Also, you were not the only one. Brodur, ocram, randombilly, Bubzoluck/Prilaman and Busterlef have also been archived, to be re-promoted when their activity picks up.


In regards to the 2nd app:
We felt that you would be perfectly capable of the position, but your activity just wasn’t enough. You also applied just after we had promoted 2 others to the position, and we only have limited space. If we didn’t then everyone would be sop within a year.

This part just pisses me off. None of us use creative for our own personal gain. Sure, we mess around, and we use it to build server stuff, but to suggest that we use it for everything is ridiculous. And it’s not like we’ve hacked to get it, we have been given it. Trusted with it. If a member had found a way to get creative in survival it would be an obvious hack and yes, they would be banned. They would also probably have griefed the server to shit, so there’s that too.

Also this shit is rich. The ‘golden days’? If anything, the golden days are now. We are more popular than ever. We STILL have a great community. We are finally getting enough donations so spec doesn’t have to dip into his own pocket to pay for it.

People come, people go. Shit happens. There’s no point living in the past, wishing shit was like it had been 2 years ago. We all enjoyed it, but everything changes. If you don’t like it, you just have to live with it. That is unless you can convince all our new players to leave, and all our old players to come back. But that’s not going to happen.

I wish you well in whatever you go on to, and you will always be welcome back, and your rank will be waiting.

Aight another long winded comment :P. all those who talk about the ‘golden days’ being 2 years ago, very little of what you say can be directly applied to the majority of the community, as instead if seeing the larger picture, you simply take bad stuff that happened to you, and assume that the entire community is the same, and this saddens me, as all it takes is to simply forget it happened and forgive, and observe how happy everyone in here is, rather have straight prejudice views on te while community. It is you people who hate change, hate the fact that you’re not in charge that are binging the community down, not those high up in the staff ranks. Yes, some of the SOPs aren’t on as much as the mods, but you can’t really blame them, they’re all off studying at uni etc, so simply can’t get on all too often, then you will argue well, don’t make them SOP then, but name 3 staff members who are fully active all the time that are ready for that position, because no offence to the current staff, there simply aren’t any. Back on to the point of prejudism, this is the sad thing about modern society, you see one person doing something, and you simply assume that everybody in the social group is the same; one example is that all middle-aged homeless people are drunk, this is a horrific prejudice. But back to PCB, it’s also the minority of people who are against change, and it’s the same people, and it’s simply annoying and almost depressing, every topic that is similar to this, and the few people pounce at the opportunity to try and lay blame for minute problems they’ve faced on the entire server. I for one. Am fed up with these people and I know that many others are too. Just join the server for 10 minutes and open your eyes, stop beinnpejudive and narrow minded, stop hating someone because they are ‘higher up than you’, so taking an instant dislike to anyone who does or saidbthebslightest thing against your views, and have fun, nothin lasts forever, without change, the world would be downright boring, enjoy change, cause change for the good, and live happy, not depressed and hung up on things that happened in the past.

dord signing out :wink:

Golden age was Alpha .31 for me… I am returning and as I do agree that things are different I have not observed any real abuse. I Hope to stay with PCB for a longer time this time. I love you guys and really missed you all.

Honestly, RGA, if you have so much against all of us… Not trying to kick you out of the door, friend, but no one is forcing you to stay if you’re unhappy with how the server is.

I have said the same thing as Ruby before. PCB is doing VERY well. It is a larger community now, but that’s about it. This does mean we have more people and conflicts, but that’s any community.

If anyone feels Minecraft itself is no longer fun, then why not try our modded servers? One is in the works while FTB is going well. I’m sure you know I love it. So much to do!

Ka, while your demotion surprised me, and I think it was a mistake, you did get a PM saying you would get it back if you were active again. This could have been settled easier.

This isn’t necessarily related to PCB, but I know how you feel. Couple of months back I was feeling a real strong sense of nostalgia, I was dying to relive the “golden moments”, so to speak.

Simply put, the past is in the past. I know you want to things to go back to the way they were, but it can’t happen.

But just think. What’s ahead of you? There was a time when you had no idea of PCB, when you had no idea of the good times you’d have here. Who’s to say that won’t happen again? In fact, it’d be naive to think you won’t move on to greener pastures.

Life’s a journey. You only grow and mature from your mistakes and experiences. Instead of feeling sorry that they’re over, be glad that you had them.

Okay, I’m getting too sentimental here. I’m gonna stop.

Holy shit it’s Lemon…


But yeah, what Lemon said basically, he makes a good point. Also, you always look at the past and remember it as better than it actually was…

(@rga) Stop saying things you don’t even know about, you weren’t there for ‘the golden days’ -_-

You’ll come back, they always come back! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was nice knowin’ you Ka, we made a lot of nice things together when Creative was around and I valued that you and Fili allowed me to work with you guys even though I was still a noob at the time. Working collaboratively and playing without much worries is something I haven’t seen in a long time, but the good thing is you were there when it was still a thing. I haven’t seen you in game in forever (despite I’m semi inactive myself) but I always see you on the forums and trust me that shows how much you do/did care about this server along with the decisions to be made about things. Farewell :confused:

As i look back on it now, i remember posting something that i KNEW people would hate and be against it. I posted it and at the very beginning i put “If i get demoted/banned, then so be it”

I probably don’t have much of a say in this as my activity has/is embarrassing low, but Im sure the “golden age” was fine and dandy but i think its the influx of members and issues of some people getting ranks way to fast. (not mentioning names but we know who they are. Not hating but maybe a separate rank IE SOP is Senior Op AND Super OP with 2 different colors. <- Will be suggested later by me or someone else)

Back on topic now, Ive had fun here, but I think denying someones app due to inactivity is not the best idea, i can understand if they haven’t been on for like a year. But not for like 3 months. I am not trying to sound like a whiny baby or anything but theres some things that should be changed. I will not make the list unless you all want to know what I think needs to be changed.

As you may know, I rarely get on, duh, nor am i really active in the forums. I have my reasons for that and it also has to do with the applications. I have plenty of experience of being staff, and the one thing i noticed about pretty much everyone who applied and got denied, their activity always goes down. Im not saying all applications should be accepted but you demote for inactivity and deny apps for inactivity. On this server there is a Mod rank, is there not? To my understanding, thats the equivalent to Trainee-OP in classic. If they are mainly inactive as mod, Don’t give them the OP rank and demote them saying something like “you have not received OP due to lack of activity”.

Now before this turns into a rant, I’m gonna end it here. I could drag this on and on.


You only have to look at another server to see what the server really is. I used to go on hc-craft for instance. Nice big server. Went on it a lot. But it was too big in a way. WS one of the servers you need to search forever to find empty space. And Once I found that space, it was only too easy to find staks and stacks of diamond blocks. It got too boring. I was too rich It taught me money isn’t all that.

And although I met many people, I rarely saw them again, again the server was too big. And it never let you destroy anything, it treate you like you were a criminal, like we were all criminals. And some would be, too.

But here, you can talk to someone you know you’ll meet again. You can build and destroy any tree anywhere. You are trusted, even if our rank doesn’t say you are. And although you may make and lose friends, that’s how progress web occurs.

In my opinion, it is up to us whether we consider this the golden age.

For it to be truly golden, all we need to do is polish it a little.

Nicely said =)

So you’re saying we should give someone a rank which required hard work and dedication to someone who can’t even be bothered to hop online for even 30 minutes a day? That’s like giving someone a job as a mechanic when they don’t even know what an engine is. It just won’t work.

I have plenty of experience of being staff, and the one thing i noticed about pretty much everyone who applied and got denied, their activity always goes down.

This is exactly the problem we get with some applicants. They apply > They don’t get it > They get upset > They leave for a couple months > They come back > They re-apply within a week > They don’t get it because they haven’t been online for months, rinse and repeat.

My advice to anyone who finds themselves in that loop, don’t run away crying when your app is denied. Keep playing as if nothing happened, and try again in a couple months.
You’re far more desirable as a staff member if you don’t let rejection affect you negatively. I’d rather have someone mature enough to deal with it and move on than someone who cries and runs away because they think they’re the dog’s bollocks.

(Remember staff apps are still closed…)

Also well said more :slight_smile: