4th of July, 2017

disclaimer, if anyone hates on the US in this post it will be deleted and I will be very upset toward you, as it is very disrespectful

Today marks 241 years since the worlds greatest country was born. Happy fourth of july to everyone, even you non-americans because chances are whether you know it or not, we basically own you politically, economically, socially and militarily. Also, the US has manifest destiny on the whole of planet Earth and the infinite reaches of the cosmos. Unfortunately I dont have videos of myself shooting, I swore I did ):


(Please disregard the .22 caliber rifle in this video, thats a little girl’s gun)


cocky much?

You may see cocky, but we see proud American.

Oof. Hypocrisy much?

Let me just ammend this to be factual for you.

13/10 well memed

bring it

Oh yeah US. Lover of global warming and egoistically maniacs with uncontrolled guns shooting children because they are free!

I am a US citizen. Pew pew fireworks.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Happy 4th of July everyone.

America =\= US

American =\= US citizen

Despite all the bloodbaths committed by the US and some lies spread (The Wright brothers), Happy 4th of July!

my apologies, let me fix this for you guys.

Today marks 241 years since the most powerful nation the world has ever seen was born. We saved the the whole of Europe’s ass twice, beat the worlds most powerful military with a bunch of lightly armed farmers (with some help of the french), we had great wealth and prosperity in the 1920s while the rest of Europe begged for food. When our economy crashed in 1929, due to our grip on the whole world, the rest of the world’s already shitty economy got even worse! who would’ve thought?! We prevented communism from enveloping Europe, Asia and Central/South America. We give the most aid to poor countries, and are world leaders in many many fields. We have paved the way from horse drawn carriages on dirt roads to efficient and fast cars that are avaliable to the whole world! We have fought, say 10 wars throughout our breif existence, and we won them all. Meanwhile, most European powers have lost too many wars than historians can count (to be fair, you have existed longer) but let us not forget about the time Australia was defeated by a flock of birds. Or that time when Britain lost to poor potato farming Irish, whom they had subjected and tortured for hundreds of years? Or when the French were defeated when the Germans simply walked around the maginot line? pathetic. Europe is being ravaged, raped and terrorized yet many Europeans like to criticize the US. Hell, the US has been so powerful that at one point in history, Pepsi CO. was the 6th most powerful military. Most of you sitting behind your screens are protected by the US in NATO, but your country fails to produce the recommended 2% GDP military budget to help us. The US is one of the largest countries, both in land mass and population. Our country is beautiful, and is one of few places in the world where you can see almost every natural biome, from rainforest (Puerto Rico) to Tundra (Alaska) to Desert (Southwest) ect. We commited treason against our motherland, as we were neglected, highly taxed and had no say in parliament. So now I’d like to take the time out of my day to wish a Happy Fourth of July to everyone, even you non-Americans because chances are whether you know it or not, we basically own you politically, economically, socially and militarily. Without the economy of the US, you wouldn’t have recovered from WWI or WWII, instead of weaning off your colonies with US support, they would start bloody revolutions, battering your people and your supplies. Communism would’ve taken over, as that is the poor man’s solution to everything- plot twist, it wouldve failed! you wouldve starved! Without the US economy, you wouldnt have modern cars like you do today, you would be driving cars of much lower standards in 2017. Also, the US has manifest destiny on the whole of planet Earth and the infinite reaches of space. We already own you, we just want to make it a little more official. Lastly and unfortunately I dont have videos of myself shooting, to celebrate 241 since the independence of our great nation against an evil empire, I swore I did ):

Also, as the great Ron Swanson once said “History began on July 4th, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake.”

Canada Did a lot in WW1 too… then again we’re the reason ted cruz exists so. Happy 4th tho :smiley:

Happy 150th Canada! XD

You are so misinformed Geez. Look at something from a different perspective!?
You look at specific points in history to say your country is great?
You don’t see other people Praise glory over their own countries?
It’s called decency and humility.
In the US people don’t say your welcome after someone says thanks (if they even say that) Your the most a-social country there is and you just proved it more.

Just an example to explain how things that seem SOooo great in the US aren’t great at all.

Germany and low crime in the same sentence? dont make me pee myself laughing.


From that article:

the general crime rate in Germany fell slightly last year
If you're going to make a point like that, at least read through your sources properly.

apparently you didn’t look at it because it isn’t about low crime rates >,>
It is to find a way to fix a problem. America just throws everyone into a “prison” but countries like germany work towards giving the people who get in a way to get past what they did and work towards being "normal"again.
Why do you not listen to others?
we’re trying to show you something and you just ignore it and go Ego-Power.