45th President of the United States

Although most of you hate Trump, some of us support him. As you all know, I’m a supporter of his. I’ve been closely watching the polls, elections and general politics since the race started, and I took a liking to Trump’s odd tactics. Today, January 20th of 2017, President Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President Elect Mike Pence will be inagurated as the United State’s next president and vice president. Not only should Trump Supporters support him, but all Americans and everyone of the world should have faith in him. Congratulations Mr Trump and Mr Pence, lets make America great again.

(As I type this, Mike Pence is being inagurated)
(Link to livestream)

And as many of you probably know, I’m quite liberal, and was rooting for Clinton.

I watched the inaugural address live in my Journalism class, and I was mortified. The views that Trump had seemed so conceited and could only come from someone so high up and oblivious to the situations of us lower down on the socioeconomic ladder.

The thing that bothered me the most about the address was this line:

And to a degree, I agree with this statement. True American values are acceptance and equal opportunity. I was most concerned about who this was coming from: a man who built his entire campaign on fear and prejudice. A man who mocked a disabled reporter in front of a gigantic crowd of his supporters, and repeatedly denied ever knowing the man he made fun of… even though he did.

There were plenty of other examples of blatant, conceited hypocrisy throughout the address, but this one really caught me the most. I hope that at some point, we’ll be able to embrace the statement, but I don’t see it happening in the next (at maximum I’m willing to accept at the moment) 4 years.

I wish the best for myself, my friends, my family, and my fellow American PCBers. This is going to be a long 4 years (once again, at maximum blah blah blah) and I hope we’ll be able to get through it together.

EDIT: @Metazealot or @CouragetheTiger : I’d really like to hear your perspective on the Trump administration, being in the military.

Thanks, Obama.

I saw everything (Donald Trump being escorted to Capitol Hill at 11:00am, and seeing Barack Obama leave the building and be flown to Andrews AFB at 1:00pm) except Trump being sworn into office. I give the best of luck to all fellow Americans plus all the passive people of this world, and I hope President Trump will stick to his promise to making America great again.

We don’t post about every new president of netherlands or britain or any other country?
It’s politics. I’m not fond of seeing this kind of stuff on forums, ok for discussions but not for celebrating.
We’ll just see what happens

I supported Hillary in the elections but don’t hate Trump as president. I’ll need to watch a rec of the inauguration and see what’s what as I was in school during the inauguration. Let’s see what happens.

Cya Obama



My family voted for Clinton, but who gives a flying fuck. They are both bad in different ways.

I found today some pretty good inaugural speech memes of donald trump and some others, enjoy:
http://9gag.com/gag/aAwo1Kd (Trump inaugural speech memes)
http://9gag.com/gag/aLM7LXV (Trmp funny meme)

“”""“Peaceful”"""" Protesters set two cars on fire in D.C. :confused:
otherwise, nothing bad has happened.

I’m deeply offended

By the fact you linked to 9GAG.

Who knows, maybe this will be a good restart for America. America’s government has been crap lately in my opinion and while many of you do hate him, you never know. Watching the inauguration was fun. It was my first time watching it as a 13 year old. I can’t wait to see where America ends up after Trump. Happy Inauguration Day, America!



I can run in the year 2040

#MakeAmericaJoeAgain #InvadeCanada #BanDabbing

I for one, voted for Gary Johnson and have no regrets about doing so. From Trump grabbing them by the pussy and Clinton stealing the election from Bernie through the DNC, I’ve had enough of the two parties’ shit. I don’t agree with everything Gary/libertarians stand for, such as no taxes and private prisons.

Anyways, fuck both the parties for not putting up a decent candidate.

I agree. But since they do.
In a few months i will make a post about Geert Wilders.

Please don’t =,=
Please don’t =,=
Please don’t =,=

You should all know how I feel about Trump. Not a huge supporter of Clinton, but the lies and hypocrisy from trump just hurts. Even now he keeps spouting that Mexico will pay for the wall when Mexico has repeatedly denied this. It’s INSANE to think a foreign power would pay for a wall. Maybe pitching in, but not 100% paying for it, that’s really dumb to keep saying. It’s like saying the Mongols will pay for the Great wall of China.

Trump is so sensitive about his popularity that he blatantly lied about the attendance count at his inauguration. “Largest in history”…

Sorry if I’m ranting. I just can’t think of a single good thing about the man. The only reason I think he might do okay is due to his narcissism. He wants to look good, so he wants history to remember him as good. Even if he has to put gag orders on the press and scientists that speak against him (he has done this btw).

This is a completely different thing. If you look at the controversies and the polarity behind this inauguration and this election, it’s much more than a “new president.”

Whether you like him or not, it’s a big change for the country and possibly the world.

I’m not saying that this post was useless or that it shouldn’t be made, I’m just saying that the theme doesn’t really worth a post, I mean, some other very important themes, either for a country (take the first impeachment of Brazillian history, which was surely a big change as example) and for the world (Brexit). I particularly find really interesting this discussion, but I don’t think, as stated above, it worth a post.

Seeing that quite a big chunk of PCB is from the USA, it’s probably worth a post or two or three. People from all over the world know about Toupee Trump being elected.

This brings me back to the Australia day announcement, no bitching or moaning there because there’s a decent chunk of PCB from Australia, not to mention _ANDEH and SPEC are from there.

Personally, I think people should give the Denture a damn chance before jumping on his case.

Trump being elected is historic.

We’ve now elected our first orange pretzel.