2 Facts and a Lie

I got bored, so I decided to do this. You have most likely done this at least once in your life, whether it was at school or with friends. You give three ‘facts’ about yourself. Two of them are true, however one of the ‘facts’ is actually a lie, and you get to guess which ones are which. I guess I might as well go first.

  1. I have a relative who is an actor, and has been is several movies & T.V. shows.
  2. Unlike most people I know, I actually like living here, in Michigan.
  3. I hate pizza.

Guess which is a lie :smiley:

number 3? or are you trying to trick us and its actually number 2? maybe even number 1? IDK

Definitely this one.

Totally 3

Long time no see :smiley:


Right. Can we ask you questions about the statements? There is a game show type thing in the UK called “Would I Lie to You?” which uses this concept. It usually has a load of comedians on it.

Well I don’t like pizza, so I’m gonna guess 2 :T

Sorry it took over 12 hours to answer, I had something to do, then fell asleep early >.< But yeah, it’s #2. I really do hate pizza, and I dislike the state of Michigan.

Edit: Oh yeah, and would anybody else mind adding their list of 3?

Wow I thought I was the only one who hated Pizza. XD

Sure why not.

1.) Im a junior
2.) I hate my school schedule
3.) I live in Illinois.

I don’t think it’s #1, cause your age is 16 (according to your profile anyway. I’m gonna have to go with Number 3, because I think most people hate their school schedule. Also, I don’t even know if you live in the US, cause you said that your ‘location’ is in a mushroom biome :I

(Also, wtf Google! It underlined ‘biome’ as not being a word. It’s an actual word; we used it in Science class >.<)

Quote from: Johnlh97 on Today at 06:54:56 pm[size=x-small]Sure why not.

1.) Im a junior
2.) I hate my school schedule
3.) I live in Illinois.

2 - using the “facts” available to me


  1. I am pescetarian.
  2. My favourite city in the world is Ouagadougou.
  3. My favourite airline is Cathay Pacific.

Gonna go with 2, ka. I had to look it up, apparently it’s the capital of a country in Africa I’ve never heard of.


I guess 3.

I also guess 3.

Mmmmmm why not

  1. I was in commercial this year
  2. I won gold at the Junior Olympics(TKD)
  3. I hate fish

2 is the lie

  1. I HATE final fantasy IX
  2. I have a pet Dingo
  3. Im originally from Florida
  1. Ive never heard of your dog.

Ka 3, Pril 1, Shad 3.

  1. My name is Welsh for William.
  2. The area I live in is called Ewloe.
  3. I did not like Assassins Creed III.
  1. You are Welsh.