#2 5k Giveaway

5,000 dollars will be awarded to the person who receives the most votes. Post below for a chance to be entered in the upcoming poll. Only 6 people will be on the poll. You are allowed to vote for yourself, good luck!


Did you guess I want to enter?

Me!!! i have never won anything :’( xP

5k? im game!

Me. Im poor

Righhhhtttt yomi

Me. Please. PLEASE!



I’d like to apply!

Can you actually enter me in this one?

Maybe i can get in this time :smiley:

I vote mythbeast :3


Count me in :smiley:

Me PLEZ im really poor :frowning:

money: $0.9


I like money.

I entered the last competition, and didn’t get that many votes. I’d like to enter again, I need funds for Tybalt and another super secret project I’m working on.

hehehehe super secret :smiley: love it :smiley:

I’ll vote for whoever appeases me.