1.9 Inter-City Hyper Loop PROJECT PROPOSAL

Hello PCB! As many of you know, 1.9 is out and it probably won’t be long before the server updates. With a plethora of new features, one in particular stands out to me. This is the fact that you can use boats on ice to travel even faster than the fastest flying speed. This is where my proposal comes in. If anyone is interested, we can build an inter-city hyper loop that uses this 1.9 method of travel. Although we will not be able to use it until the update, it’ll be good to already have it built. I’m not sure if PCBT is still a thing but the transport will have to follow server guidelines.

-Two test cities that can be linked straight together. (This will make the amount of turns in the track zero and decrease travel time)
-Designers and Builders. We are building the transport of the future and modern/contemporary designers are needed!

Two stations will be built, one in each city. The tracks must line up perfectly to provide maximum efficiency. The tracks will be made of a two-block wide ice path and some sort of rail or block on the side to prevent anyone from falling off. The stations (I hope) will look modern and encourage travel between cities.

This is a project I cannot partake on my own. The contribution of many is what will make the project work. In the future, we can look into getting more cities connected.

As of now I am naming the project:

Thank you!

i would love to help!

Didn’t know about this. Sounds neat.

I can see it now:

Highways made of ice that can actually be used practically.

Say, have you tried placing black carpet atop the ice to see if it still works? Then it could look like a street proper, but still have the properties of ice.

Sadly, this does not work, as I just tried. Still a nice idea, regardless.

You want Modern? Im your guy 8)

I can also hook up a system that shoots the new lingering potion of swiftness onto the tracks at stations :smiley:

About the PCBT thing: It’s still active, just not as omnipresent as it once was. I don’t see a problem with it as an addition to PCBT.

I didn’t know about this too, and it sounds like a great idea, I’d love to help with the stations! :slight_smile:

Given that currently all the rails between stations (if there are any) are purely decorational, I see no problem with just replacing them with ice tracks (if the boats can get up inclines).

I’ve tested it sadly the boats won’t go up on snow, slab or stairs D:

But do they still go up ice?

Negative D: No Blocks it only can go straight meaning we’d either have to make rail underground or high in the sky.

I think it would be a really neat idea to have an underground subway! We could make 4 lanes, 2 going one direction, 2 going the other. We could build “Train Stations” in between, so there is a massive ice rink underground. As for the corners, I propose we only do 90 degree corners, with pistons and tripwire hooks pushing the boat automatically!
I am in!


If the boats are steerable, then the current curves on some of the lines (e.g. Firma - Wysteria) should be fine. Additionally, if there are blocks that will stop the boat without damaging it, they should line the edges to act as a bumper.

Also, maybe lifts in the form of water?

Boats are steerable and seemingly unbreakable by blocks only the player hitting the hitbox destroys the boat :smiley:

[size=8pt]Have I just become the Intercity Hyperloop Team researcher? ^.^

Great! We’ve got some existing rails that you can get to here:
I can’t post images through my school network (imgur’s blocked) so instead:
go to www.beno.org.uk/metromapcreator
Click LOAD and put this code into the editor:


setroutes(2);curvenum = 2;jumpnum = 2.4;cowpatuuuuu = 0;fontzsize = 12;line1col = “#2080e0”;line1width = 6;line1ver = 4;line1ver1x = 98;line1ver1y1 = 343;line1ver1y2 = 375;line1ver2x = 52;line1ver2y1 = 343;line1ver2y2 = 418;line1ver3x = 160;line1ver3y1 = 450;line1ver3y2 = 584;line1ver4x = 158;line1ver4y1 = 248;line1ver4y2 = 270;line1hor = 3;line1hor1x1 = 67;line1hor1x2 = 83;line1hor1y = 328;line1hor2x1 = 68;line1hor2x2 = 144;line1hor2y = 434;line1hor3x1 = 404;line1hor3x2 = 525;line1hor3y = 234;line1topleft = 4;line1topleft1x = 83;line1topleft1y = 328;line1topleft1width = 15;line1topleft2x = 52;line1topleft2y = 418;line1topleft2width = 16;line1topleft3x = 144;line1topleft3y = 434;line1topleft3width = 16;line1topleft4x = 407;line1topleft4y = 302;line1topleft4width = 3;line1topright = 3;line1topright1x = 67;line1topright1y = 328;line1topright1width = 15;line1topright2x = 134;line1topright2y = 307;line1topright2width = 36;line1topright3x = 461;line1topright3y = 234;line1topright3width = 38;line1stations = 14;line1station1x = 98;line1station1y = 375;line1station1type = 3;line1station1dir = 7;line1station1text = “Ceres”;line1station2x = 93;line1station2y = 434;line1station2type = 2;line1station2dir = 7;line1station2text = “Wysteria”;line1station3x = 160;line1station3y = 487;line1station3type = 2;line1station3dir = 5;line1station3text = “Firma”;line1station4x = 160;line1station4y = 584;line1station4type = 2;line1station4dir = 5;line1station4text = “Clarita”;line1station5x = 160;line1station5y = 584;line1station5type = 2;line1station5dir = 4;line1station5text = " ";line1station6x = 179;line1station6y = 223;line1station6type = 0;line1station6dir = 4;line1station6text = “Minneapolis”;line1station7x = 158;line1station7y = 287;line1station7type = 0;line1station7dir = 4;line1station7text = “Station”;line1station8x = 158;line1station8y = 248;line1station8type = 4;line1station8dir = 4;line1station8text = “Minneapolis”;line1station9x = 461;line1station9y = 234;line1station9type = 3;line1station9dir = 2;line1station9text = “Prymont”;line1station10x = 404;line1station10y = 234;line1station10type = 2;line1station10dir = 2;line1station10text = " ";line1station11x = 404;line1station11y = 234;line1station11type = 0;line1station11dir = 7;line1station11text = " ";line1station12x = 425;line1station12y = 234;line1station12type = 0;line1station12dir = 4;line1station12text = “Belport”;line1station13x = 404;line1station13y = 234;line1station13type = 2;line1station13dir = 7;line1station13text = “Belport”;line1station14x = 410;line1station14y = 305;line1station14type = 4;line1station14dir = 7;line1station14text = “Ontario”;line2col = “#208020”;line2width = 6;line2ver = 1;line2ver1x = 523;line2ver1y1 = 240;line2ver1y2 = 298;line2hor = 0;line2topleft = 0;line2topright = 0;line2stations = 2;line2station1x = 523;line2station1y = 240;line2station1type = 3;line2station1dir = 5;line2station1text = “Portland”;line2station2x = 523;line2station2y = 298;line2station2type = 3;line2station2dir = 5;line2station2text = “Konin City”

Yes you have.

Pre 1.9 boats could be broken if bumped into a wall at high speeds. Soul Sand prevents this.

[glow=blue,1,300]Great! We’ve got some existing rails that you can get to here:
I can’t post images through my school network (imgur’s blocked) so instead:
go to www.beno.org.uk/metromapcreator[/glow]

Here is the image!

prymont-portland connection n’exists yet pas.

oh my god what is this monstrosity of language. ;D

If this project actually becomes a thing, I may awaken from my deep slumber.

Actually though. I’ve been checking these forums every now and then. Maybe I’ll get on sometime.

So far no one has offered two cities for the loop to be built between. If anyone would like to volunteer their cities, please reply to this topic.