1.8 and New Map Discussion

A couple of people have brought to my attention that we may need to start a new map when 1.8 arrives and to be totally honest I do agree. I know we have reset the map recently (and that took a fair bit of effort), but without a new map we will miss out on a lot (if not almost all) the great new features of 1.8 such as the NPC villages, ravines, new biomes and the better terrain generation.

Regenerating chunks won’t help as there are too many of them and the terrain generation will probably differ come 1.8, and people have explored the map to the extent where it would take a very very long flight before you would even come across anything new.

I have several ideas with regards with how a new map should be setup, but I would like to also hear your discussion on this as by the rate 1.8 is being developed it won’t be too long before it’s out (especially seeing as the full game is being “launched” in November at the latest).


I think this should be posted to all of the community, some people already know from talk earlier today. I really think it is a great idea to start from scratch for the most part moving only really necessary buildings and cities, such as bigcity, newspawn, and old spawn because its historic. Maybe we compile a list of cities to move over, it’ll probably upset if someones town doesn’t get moved over. Tbh it will be good to start fresh with no one carrying items over as well as everyone’s money being wiped out. It’ll give everyone more or less an equal playing field.

I like that No items get moved over and no buildings. Make it all brand new :3
Only important Buildings tho as sip said. But like always.
Theres going to be thoses 5 people who bitch and moan because they didnt get the memo. or that they want there Crappy floating box house to be sent over. No Homes should be sent over.

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I think it would be great idea to start afresh and, like sip said, move over important stuff to the new map.

Also, this is quite a good place to mention that a few of us ops have been wondering if it is possible to give all ops permission for superpicaxe without giving us full worldedit permissions. Superpic can really come in handy especially when building large structures with materials such as obsidian or bricks. It would encourage me at least to build some more stuff in bigcity because it makes it really easy to clear out land without someone using worldedit.

They are my thoughts, please consider it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a new map would be interesting. The major cities like wakepoint, fortress, etc. should be saved, but I am ready for a new spawn.

If it comes to a new map, I will probably overhaul a whole lot of plugins and permissions. Fresh start!

So, items in inv stay? No warehouse, and just another switchover?

balls i just built a jiant castle it took me a couple hours

Well, just my opinion, but mabey everyone should be able to request a medium sized schematic be made of 1 building they want, but have all items such as chests,workbeches, etc, removed?

and also i want a glass ball lol, it has been my dream for awhile, cmon hard its just //hsphere glass 15, lols.

Anyway, great idea!

I think we should have a new map seed…

I agree we need to change over maps but I also agree with Kyle, major cities totally need to be saved. Some of them have just had way too much time and effort poured into them to just leave behind. As for items and money… meh, I dont feel strongly towards keeping items or wiping them to be honest. Andy what were your ideas regarding the new map setup?

It will be.

I always fancied this idea where spawn was a capital city and it branches off to a number of main walkways that connect all the other cities. The above is from HeroCraft and I know Reddit do the exact same.

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Kinda what we have now, just a little more organized

Will we still hav all our items and money and ranks n’ stuff?

Ranks yes. Items and money… Yet to be determined


To be decided.

I think to be fair, donators should still have the money they received transferred across

Money definitely needs to be reset, except for donators. Since the richest players page was made I got a bit competitive and since hard used the chest it was clearly impossible to beat 34k.

I think everyone from member + should have the 350 coins as advertised and the donators get however many coins they are meant to get.