1.2.3 Update Progress

I don’t want to post another announcement over the top of the current PCB discussion so I’m posting it here instead to report on the 1.2.3 update progress.

Switched Bukkit over to 1.2.3 (Beta) R0.1 on the Creative server.
All plugins broke - can’t seem to track down Essentials.
Switched off the box (someone kept trying to boot it up while I was working on it)

Bukkit released 1.2.3 (Beta) R0.2 which fixes major gameplay bugs (client chunk errors, unable to interact with world on login, etc). Might have to wait it out until the plugins catch up again.

Considering reverting back to 1.1 in the meantime unless you guys can handle the wait?
I’m still willing to give someone access to the box if they’d like to help me out with plugin updates, plugin configurations (eg. permissions) but good Linux skills and knowledge of Bukkit is a must.

I would love to help you update the server, but I am still sort lost at how you updated the server when it seemed as though some of the plugins are still not totally updated. If i had better experience with updating my server then i would help. I went on my server to look at some of the plugins (some of them are the ones on this server) but it seemed as though some of the plugins where not updated yet.

I guess all i can really say is, good luck updating server. XD

It’s situational, but a lot of plugins can be sacrificed (eg. dynmap) provided that the most important ones work (eg. essentials, logblock, pex). At this point I’m leaning towards reverting back to 1.1 depending on the general consensus as we have to wait for another batch of plugin updates.

I think it will be a while until most plugins are updated, since the Bukkit team cleaned a lot of stuff up, which has broken a lot. Though maybe we have a mostly vanilla 1.2 for now, as long as its stable enough. I’m really excited to see some real progress here.

I know Linux to a basic extent, and trying to learn more now, since I want a better kernel for my phone. I know Bukkit well enough. Though I know Goof has a much larger knowledge of it from the server configuration side of it than I. Maybe both Goof and I could help out in a tag-team way, since we both can easily communicate with each other.

jus saying ( and this is just me, im in no way speaking for anyone else) but i would be completly content waiting on the update if it helps you out in any way Andy. if nothing else it give a lot of us time to play around and get used to the new features on 1.2.3 on Single Player so we will have them figured out for Multi when it is updated.

Really you just need to know:

  • How to use a Terminal (and a Terminal program such as Putty)
  • Basic navigation skills (eg. cd, relative and absolute paths)
  • Basic file management skills (eg. cp, mv and their parameters)
  • How to edit files (ie. using nano)
  • Where Bukkit plugins are located, what files to edit (obviously the configuration file) and what not to edit (Bukkit library files)

If you plan to help manage the server itself then you’ll probably also want to know:

  • What the command Mono is
  • What the command Screen is (and its parameters)
  • Sudo
  • How to use a Terminal (and a Terminal program such as Putty). Yup. Extensive use of Command Prompt especially with ADB and its specific commands, used terminal enough to understand, and I have actually looked into putty in the past. Been using terminal today on local ubuntu installation, though I believe we run CentOS (may be wrong though :P)

  • Basic navigation skills (eg. cd, relative and absolute paths). Again yes, familiar on how it all works, and know how to not screw things up. Also ADB helps to make me more familiar with terminal kind of actions, and have used plenty of ADB to be fairly knowledgeable. That knowledge hopefully brings many similarities to be applied. Such as file management, with push and pull from ADB, I assume some of that can be transferred information to use in a different context.

  • Basic file management skills (eg. cp, mv and their parameters). Considering I just read about it now, not really. I would assume fairly easy to pick up. More terminal stuff, generally I can figure out quickly.

  • How to edit files (ie. using nano). Didnt know what nano was, but again seems fairly easy to pick up, even with no mouse. Though used to not using one enough anyways, done plenty of other text editing,

  • Where Bukkit plugins are located, what files to edit (obviously the configuration file) and what not to edit (Bukkit library files). Yes, I have not run a Bukkit installation on my ubuntu partition, but have used it locally on Windows plenty.

For the running the server part, I don’t know either of the two commands. Though have used sudo enough.

Also, I can probably get into contact with a few Engineers that run Linux servers locally, for a company. They use mostly RedHat distributions, since its mostly enterprise.

That’s a pretty damn good application in my opinion. Also, that “someone kept trying to boot it up while I was working on it” was likely me. Sorry!

I had just spoken to you and you said you were working. I had no idea you were working on the server! I was trying to disable most of the plugins to see if it would start at all.

I’d quite like a vanilla 1.2.3 server, just so we get the new biomes. Obviously nothing from the pod, but just to get a taste of 1.2.3 multiplayer would be nice.

I like that idea as well. How would the transfers work? Andy, do you run both the new map and old at the same time for transfers? or do you just save stuff first?

I have not personally saved spawn, so I’m hoping you already have it. Now, I think our current spawn should be a city on its own. Many players seem to want the old spawn with the boat back.

I think that would be really cool and with a bit of expanding it would work well.

I remember doing a vanilla server when 1.8 came out. That seemed to bring the community together pretty well actually. However i would probably not make too much on there since if creeper explosions where a problem on the last vanilla it will most likely be a problem on this one too. However i do have a suggested updated creeper protection plugin. My server runs creeper heal. It is a pretty good plugin and it is already updated.

I just did a little research into Creeper Heal and it looks like a pretty neat way of dealing with Creepers… could we use this for now, and if the overall consensus is that ppl don’t like it, go back to the old one once it has updated? ive felt for a while now that Creepers aren’t scary enough in our server… and it would be nice to use TNT for mining again… just saying

Creepers and TNT are something that can be completely controlled by creeper heal. Creeper heal is something that causes you to still take damage from TNT and creeper explosions and then the hole is filled after a set amount of time. This plugin is pretty configurable. I honestly would like it if creepers would do damage again, they just don’t seem scary anymore. The creepers where the only reason why i would need someone to come and watch my back in the caves. With such a lack of fear i feel this has sorta torn us apart in survival. If creepers did damage then there would be a reason to make an expedition team in the caves. AKA bring the server together better.

Maybe not use the exact old spawn, but build a more similar one in a very similar location? Like we have done now, but copy the layout a bit more, and style. We could include peoples builds which fit with the style possibly. I would be willing to donate my ship from creative :stuck_out_tongue:

Im pretty sure i have built nothing on creative that could be worth putting in the spawn. My maze is the only thing i believe would be something i want put into the new map, and i think that is something i want to put in my new town/city.

if it is a port then i would like my Mansion to be added there because of the fishing dock and Hot tub.

so i noticed that the Survival Server is down, dose that mean that its getting updated? =D

Nah it probably means Andy is sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:
We need more australians

you mean Andy sleeps? IMPOSSIBLE