You’ve seen Budapest, now get ready for an even better city created by dat boi Estevao (and other people too, no offense to them). It’s a 1:1 replica of Zurich, Switzerland, with it’s own warp (/warp Zurich). You want amazing and detailed buildings? Go to Zurich. You want lifelike human scenes? Go to Zurich. You want black market art? Go to Zurich!
Also, I hear you guys like ~shaders~, so I took some pics with SUES. Sadly I can’t figure out how to post them; the attachment restriction for teh forums is tiny.
Edit: clik dat links (thanks Mann!)

I’m just posting this for Este by the way. Him and Hywel own the town, not me.

Check this city outttttt!


Step 1: got to imgur
Step 2: Upload
Step 3: gett BB code for images
Step 4: Paste BB code in forum post


Very nice!

*Sidenote I run 99.36% of the Art Black Market

Thanks for posting these pics with shaders Lyra :slight_smile: looks awesome!

Thank you Lyra! They look incredible! All thanks from Zurich owners (me, hy and josh ( btw, josh has disappeared lol ) )!

Looking incredible!!

Thank you, Lyra! (I´m one of the builders, so I think I can say thank you :wink: )

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