Zombies Are Spawning In My Map And I Cant Build

Can somebody please help get these zombies to stop spawning? They are spawning Everywhere and its hard to build becouse of this.If you can help it would be greatly apprieciated.

fixed it for ya! I think I got them all

I can check the logs.

(15:17:21) arkger used /mode zombie
It seems he was doing this for an event. The map was zombie2

(18:43:54) gamergirl11 used /mode zombie
Also seems normal.
(19:29:44) gamergirl11 used /mode zombie

(20:01:34) SwordMaster_ used /mode zombie

(20:11:43) Piehole314 used /mode zombie

(23:03:59) banzaix3 used /mode zombie

This was after I cleaned out the horde. Liliana was on asking for help to clean out the zombies.
(07:48:54) 05ocram05 used /mode zombie

From the look of things, liliana was playing with zombies quite a lot. I don’t think this was a grief. I think they just made too many.

I was wondering how that happened. Lol, that sucks though. I should really try to understand classic more. However it is so hard when i like playing smp so much more. XD

Thanks Kyle.And i was actually trying not to get killed by zombies the whole time it was hard to place one block in my map without a zombie killing me.

I thought 05cram was a probuilder. Are pros allowed to use zombies?

legend of roy aka charks only op+ can use that command. I myself cant even perform such tasks. hope that answed your questions! 8) see yah on classic soon!

Yeah, I checked and only OPs can use /zombie. I’m guessing he just tried to use it, or was telling someone how to and I missed the ./zombie.