Zeppelin Mod

If multiplayer support is added, this would be awesome to try out on the server :stuck_out_tongue:


This is impressive, but I doubt this would handle on our server any better than boats did. I don’t want to imagine the lag and leftover crafts without riders going into the great beyond.

Epic Griefing though! Oh god that would be evil! Lift off houses and send em off!


Did someone say flying spawn boat?

If we got that, and it worked, I would be flying my home everywhere xD
Maybe even my city… O_o This needs to be tested on fatsos server when he is alive…

This is kinda pointless and a thing that’d get abandoned and forgotten seeing we have flymod.

We have flymod?

fili, some peoples computers cannot handle modding, therefore the do not have the flymod. and on a second note this is completely badass, imagine moving your cities buildings around into new places or hell fortresses airship would be awesome to have flying

EDIT: i installed the mod but minecraft is crashing when i open is, any help? fixed it but the mod doesnt work

The peoples whose computers cannot handle modding have themselves to blame or their redneck cpu/hard disc space.

Fili is right… The most of us have flymod mod and this would probably cause tons of lagging as well as crashing of the ones of us who do not have mod-supporting computers

Guys, I wasn’t suggesting we should get it, as all of the points you made so far are kind of obvious… I was more saying, is would be awesome if we COULD get it.

EYY there we go liam lol

Awmg, if we had that, i would be cruising my pelican like crazy, and shoot you guys down with the turrets. IM GOING TO TRY THAT NOW IN SINGLEPLAYER!

this looks like a preety cool mod i mean it would be great on the server

So this seems to be supported… What it had a negitive affect? Like causing crashes and megalag?

I’d just like to get my opinion out about it before this builds in further hype.

I think it’s a great mod and would provide a lot of entertainment, but realistically it would be unsuitable for our server because:
a. the constant block movement updates sent to the server every second would cause lag (worse than boats by the sounds of it)
b. is it even a Bukkit plugin?
c. most of us already have fly mod

Great for single player, not so great for the server (the strain would make it cry)