Youtube- Minecraft Related stuff

Ight im thinking on getting back to uploading videos sometime soon and i am wondering what minecraft related things do you like to see?

Mod showcases?
Custom maps? If so, Parkour, Adventure, Survival?
Lets plays?

Im not entirely sure what ill be posting but my channel is viewer suggestions.


Server Pvping!

When I finish my carnival I’m going to do a lets play with everyone who want to be in it. whats your youtube?

U can do a let’s play with the members of the server and take every week 4-6 ppl and make them battle for something and the one who wins has that thing for a week ( like tower of Pimps)

Can do!


Ill have to set up a quick server for that. That may come into play later.

Random games.

YT link:

I may do the rare vlogs.

I wasnt expecting this many replies honestly xD.

Also, I will do custom maps with random players from any server. The map will be different and up to my guests.

Tad bit off topic here, but i did upload a video. Its an old, soundless video but never the less a video.

I’d love to be in it. PenguinEmporium.

I now have 10 subscribers! Originally i was gonna upload a map but the 10 came too fast.

Heres the little video i made in place of that

10 Subscriber Special Thank you!