Youtube Channels II

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since we have made one of these. If anyone has a youtube channel, or would like to help support some other community member’s channels feel free to leave your info down below.

Maddygabbyy and I have a channel and just uploaded a video today. If anyone is interested, here’s a link <3

We would much appreciate it! Thanks to all! <3

@koalamama dat southern accent though ;D


It’s really noticeable though. Kinda like a southern/valley girl hybrid

Good job ladies, you better werk!

ahh omg that’s so weird

& we love you cheesie XD

Awesome!!. I’m so excited ,cant wait to see more videos from you guys ,<3 AYYYYYYYYY LMAO

I do have a youtube channel, but I try to keep it as anonymous as possible. Mainly because I don’t think my school would appreciate the YTPs I make out of their videos.

Not that it stops me sharing some of them in game though…

I have a YouTube channel… I sound like a 5 year old… Sorry bout that…

“I dont have the balls to do that”
“I dont have balls either!”

I cant wait for more, keep me updated

this is gonna be funny B

I do have a Channel its linked to my Promotion label and is doing rather well

Wow… after roughly a year and a half absent, I come back and see this.

Okie dokie.

I just realized my music channel is still in my signature.

Amazing Video :smiley: i am thinking of starting a channel over the summer of Lip Syncing Music :3

I don’t think Baillie can go 10 seconds without touching her hair ::slight_smile:

Love this nearly as much as I love you guys :wink: - keep 'em goin !

Mostly go about modding an old game used to play… though I’ve sort of ended up playing it more now than when I was a kid…

and love you loads <3

Looking awesome so far girls! I made sure to subscribe!! =)

My channel: