Your Idol

I want everybody to place here a vid or picture of their Idol(s)

Mine are the Achievement Hunter Lads and Gents =)

achievement hunter | on top of the world

This guy right here! Hes the reason i wanted to go into Voice acting so badly. Andy Serkis!

i see no picture…

Reel Big Fish/Streetlight Manifesto. Their music has changed me for the better.

Duh, Henry Winkler “Fonzie”

Who the hell else?

Jet is your idol?

And I don’t really have one huge idol, but a few for different things. So like keralis, fyreuk and X for minecraft stuff, but then other people for other stuff I do.

Ozzy osbourne.

Matt Heafy:
Guitarist and vocalist of Trivium. Super nice guy and incredible musician. My favourite metal hipster. Infact, I have huge respect for every member of this band. Feel free to skip through the intro of this, I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but do watch some of it. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t ask why its in black and white, idk. I think it was to fit with the art style of the album artwork and music videos. 16:30 is where the interesting stuff involving Heafy is, also, dat riff. Listen from there for like, 5 minutes (pls<3) The acoustic guitar at around 20 minutes in is also awesome sounding. Feel free to watch it all if you want xD
Trivium - In Waves: The making of documentary

Simon Niel:
Again, guitarist and vocalist of Biffy Clyro. Same reasons I have huge respect for Heafy - genuinely nice guy, brilliant musician, but in a different way to Heafy. Again, give this video a chance, watch at least some of it :stuck_out_tongue: (pls<3)
3voor12 Interview Biffy Clyro 25 jan 2013

The only youtube channel I will watch everything from. I find them hilarious. They did all of the official Minecraft trailers for Mojang, have a fantastic work ethic and all seem like really nice people too. As well as gaming videos, they do some sketch type stuff. This video is entirely fake, they’re not actually cocky like this. They do however actually record music for stuff. Some of it is jokey, other stuff is just… music. xD
Music: The Next Dimension [Featurette]
If you’re confused by that video, watch this (It’s what the music was for.):
Filfy Animals - Festive Filf

Neil Patrick Harris

My idol? Hmmm…