You guys like voting?

Or do you like free games? If so,

You cast your votes, and when they are processed you can choose between Civ 5 and Mafia 2. Pretty good snatch to me. I’d do it quick though, also pls no bannu for advertising.

Have you done it and does it work? These types of sites are ALMOST always fake.

It’s not, have you never heard of the golden joystick awards? I’ve done it, and:

It’s legitimate. I got Civ5 earlier today from it. The Golden Joystick Awards is a famous game award ceremony that happens each year and Green Man Gaming is a very reputable online game distributor (like the Steam Store).

Well, I tried to do it but will have to wait for them to recognize that I voted. I will have to remove them from my mailing list later, but still, Mafia 2 for free? Sure!

Thanks for sharing jape. Got civ 5 and just took over Russia. ;D

They make this too easy to cheat on, I got both already and it would be super easy to get several extra copies of them…

I keep getting the message, " Oooops. Looks like you haven’t voted yet.". How long did it take you to get the code?

Took me about 12 hours before it registered my vote

Mine took about 4 hours. BE PATIENT!!! :wink:

3 or 4 hours for me. Just click the link from the email every once in a while.

I did all the voting and now I guess I just wait till they send me my code :I

E-mail link is still not working for me yet.

Worked! Neat!

Okay the email link finally worked for me and one of my friends and now we both have Civ V.