YOU Could Own Clarita!

Hello! So, for a long time I’ve just given up on Clarita. Instead of removing it, I would like someone else to own it.

If you’d like to own clarita, here is the one rule;

[ul][li]You must be Trusted+[/li][/ul]

If you’d like to own Clarita please message me saying why you’d like to own it. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a warp… /warp Clarita

Thank you all so much!

The new mayors are:


I’d like Clarita because I’d take really good care of it and make sure it grows bigger and better!

There is a long road connecting to another city. Please do not edit any builds in the other city.

If I owned Clarita then I would follow the rules you have now given :slight_smile:

Though i’m unable to work on it at the present moment (for reasons you know anyway) in the future i’d love to endeavour to take over Clarita and jazz the place up with some creative flair.

I would like Wairoa to own it with someone else :slight_smile: Congrats Wairoa :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be down to snazzing Clarita up, @Wairoa @Clauliflower Up to you guys if you wanna work with me lol

I would like to take part responsibility of Clarita, because my town, Freehold, is not too far from Clarita.

I would also like to decorate the city, whenever I have free time.


New mayors are…




Queen Tiger!!

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