you are going to die

by laughter of course ;D!
this kid man, this kid is just, this kid man


[size=14pt]BUT WAIT. WHATS THIS?!

Sip. You know what to do.

Lol, the act of Creativity in a game such as minecraft is slowly killing children? This is laughable.

Minecraft could possible help children in being able to create art such as houses, castles, underground lairs, skyscrapers, pixel art, rollercosters, industrial farm harvesters and even a computer inside a computer.
Not to diminish the fact that it helps with familiarity with computers in a tranquil place for those who dont use them often, as computers are becoming more used in places of work and on a day to day basis.

But its obvious that this is either a fake or this person is actually stupid, not sure which one though, could be both?

Number 1: This kid is: gay, retarded, sick in the head…

Number 2 question: On what drugs is he???

Number 3: Minecraft doesn’t abuse children WTF???

Number 4: He is a nerd he want’s extra homework!!!

Number 5: Did he iven play Minecraft and does he know how does a keyboard look like!!!

Thats all for me

and I’m gonna write ob his channle fake and gayyyyyyyyy!!! and stupid !!!

This guy is trolling… badly… One of the comments said as much. He has followers BECAUSE he is so horrible. Same reason ggg posted it here really.

I changed my mind. He really is just stupid. I finished watching the vid. It’s hard to believe he is acting. Turrets much?



this guy…

tbh. I think this kid did this to get tons of views… Too bad he wont be able to get into college now…

Lets go to this kid’s high school and bully him till he commits suicide! =D Stupid people like this guy do not deserve to live.

Can’t tell if serious or just a bad troll. Hard to tell, greasy hair, face and florescent teeth distracted me too much. No offence to any american server players but this is why I’m not to fond of the US.

It’s not our fault that we have people who can’t actually think rationally… I really don’t understand how he came up with these ideas. I want to say something about politics but I wont because that wont help here…

One of his reasons was that it was pixelated. Really? ???