Yogscast Quotes!

"We are not reatreating, we are advancing in a different direction!" ~Lewis

So… Whats your favorite Yogscast quote?

dont watch yogscast/dont like em

In one of the Shadow of Israphel episodes, when they are in Mistral City. Fumblemore makes something explode, and instead of saying something posh and wizzardy, its just this:


There are a few others I can’t think of right now :stuck_out_tongue:




Balls to it Lewis! Balls to it!

Diggy Diggy Hole!

It's a Lego Donkey! Awwwww! ~Hannah

When Simon sets the yogcave on fire in the first few episodes

Lewis - Simon this is getting out of controll very fast!
Simon - I dunno.. i kindof like the look of it..

Troll face