Hey, I’m FourEclipse. I’m not new to Minecraft in general, but I’m just new to the PC version which I have learned is far superior to the Xbox. I love to build little towns and landscape, as well as build large high-rises of different uses. Most of my work has a very “Frank Lloyd Wright-ish” feel as I like to use as much glass and glass panes as I can to make my buildings feel very open and full of natural light. I use lots of fire and I like to also build my work around the terrain it’s built on rather than destroy and flatten a plot of land. I love building mountain houses, and I like to use water and fire a lot in my buildings. I may not be the best builder you’ve ever seen, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Welcome to PCB! I bet you will like it!


Welcome to the server!

p.s FLW is my favorite architect so ayyyyy ;D

Welcome!! Hope you enjoy your stay here!!

oh were gonna get on well