Hey everyone,

I’m Yomi and i’ve been part of this community for a long time.
Lately i have been quite a bit lonely and i’m searching for people to play games with. (mostly on steam)
If anyone think I can join their group when they play an online game feel free to ask =), that is if you want me to join.
I’m almost always online at the Project City Build Discord https://discord.gg/7B3Te

Yo(migaere). Good to see you again!

We have a discord?

Yeah for a while now, Andy made it but no one seemed to pick it up. maybe smart to put it on the frontpage?

Please do as then I can go on discord with my phone

Ill add it to our social media links pinned post :slight_smile:

Edit: Ruby already has it listed.

Nice to see you haven’t forgotten us!

Hi Yomi, long time no chat

BTW What on earth is discord?

Wairoa it’s like ts but much better

eh, arguably. i still prefer ts

Yomiiiiiii! Good to hear from you! I would but I broke my gaming rig. That’s sad to hear you’re lonely. Do you get pogo where you’re from? I’ve made so many new friends playing.