ymbninjakiller's ban appeal

Well when i tried to go on the server today it said i was ban… when i asked what i did apparently i griefed a grave? When hard told me the grave i remember the grave he was talking about. If i remember the middle part of the slab was missing, thats all i remember, i even reported it but no one came. If thats the reason im ban, im sorry, i am willing to fix it even though i don’t remember breaking it. I really like this server since its the only server i play on, I really don’t want to go look for another server for something this small that im willing to go fix. :confused: Not really sure who ban me either.

Name - ymbninjakiller


Hard used the stick or redstone ore thing to see who modified the block and your name came up. You can’t really argue with the /lb system.

hang on whu, I don’t believe it would have been intentional. Pure/ymb has been with project city build since the early creative days. Seems unlikely they would start griefing now…

Waiting for Hard’s side of the story.

I may have got him mixed up with someone else besides i shouldnt even have said anything i have no right

Odd. I didnt ban him -_-. But i think he should be unbanned

I was the one who banned you. I noticed it during the aftermath of those 2 terrible “griefers” while doing a check of the forest area.

I noticed you’re already unbanned (which someone should NOT have done until the person who banned said player has spoken up, aka me) so I’ll leave it as that. Next time be more careful.

Charlie’s grave is a special sanctum. Easily griefable. (easily bannable too)