Yet another general "Thank you" this time to everyone

I have only been playing Minecraft for about 6 months. Mainly on a private server. I cut my teeth there, but, with the community that you guys have here at PCB I have learned so much. Thanks go out to the staff and MEMBERS. There are a lot of good members on this server. You don’t have to be staff to make a difference.


Everyone helps! If any group sucked, it would all suck. Fortunately even wen there are no staff on many members and trusted know enough to help out new players, deal with arguments and other such things. Thanks to all for… Not being assholes…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I reckon it’s fair to say that without our members PCB probably wouldn’t function as well as it does with them now <3 :smiley:

Yes there are some members that are just as helpful as staff! thank you members! :smiley: