Yellows everyone!

Yellows everyone!

I’m Buddy_Rich!
My real name is John. Im 17 and I live in Serbia.
I mostly build modern and medieval. (Kinda contradicts one another but doesn’t matter.)
I’ve started a new project with dordsor21 called Isidar Mithrim. It’s an underground dwarven city so if u guys wanna check it out its on the forums.
That would be all and i hope to see you all on the server! ;D

Welcome to PCB :slight_smile:

Who are you? I don’t know you O.o

I’ve been called to this post.
jk, Welcome to PCB dude.
cya in game

And ofcourse Yomi has to say something “funny” :smiley:
GJ Yomi, And change that skin already!

this new one is nice and cool mannnnnnn xP

I ain’t helpin with no project lol

Or should that be…

[move]Nice one Octo ;D[/move]

How long have you waited to post this? xD

I don’t know actually… but too long if you ask me ;D

Welcome! I have talked to you a bit in game and on TeamSpeak. You are a great builder! Make sure to let me know if you need any help or anything! Have fun!
<3 koalamama

Tnx Koala! ;D Sure!