Well, I haven’t come around in a while lmao.

This is Zak, former OP and stuff.

I seem to have lost access to my proper account as email attempts aren’t getting through. I understand that the forums (clearly) seem to be malfunctioning, would that also be interfering with my attempts here?

Regardless of that, though! Haven’t talked with any of y’all in ages, how’s life?

Welcome back!! The forums aren’t necessarily broken, just under maintainence, I don’t believe that would affect your account or rank, as it hasn’t affected anyone else. If you can verify to a SOP/Admin that this is in fact the real Zak, im sure theyd be happy to reinstate your rank.

Bah, not worried about getting ranks transferred at all. I’m just locked out of my old account, submitted the recovery email prompt and just been waiting a while on that is all! Not about to lose that post count or age by using this account any more than I have to.

Might even hop on the server when I get home from work soon too, just to say hello and whatnot. I at least have access to that lmao

Wow, now it worked. lmao.

So once more, how’s stuff been while I was off doing other stuff?

HoRee sheet Zak what’s up guy



Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

Welcome back