Ye Magic Shoppe



Do YOU need enchanted books?
Come to Ye Magic Shoppe, opening 10th April 2014. We’re always in stock with over 20 enchanted books.


[ul][li]Safer, No more wasting diamonds on a Bane of Arthropods I sword![/li]
[li]Better, you can get more enchants using books[/li]
[li]More control, pick and choose what you want[/li][/ul]
Unfortunatley, due to the nature of book enchating, we cannot guarentee certain books being in stock, but we will try our best!


We buy and sell the vast majority of potion ingredients. Our current prices are:
64 Blaze Rod - $32 (Sell for $29)
64 Glowstone Dust - $30 (Sell for $26)
2 Pufferfish - $1 (Sell for $0.5)
1 Ghast Tear - $5 (Sell for $3)
1 Magma Cream - $7 (Sell for $5)
64 Glass Bottles - $5 (Sell for $3)

If you want a specific enchant, why not reserve it? Just make a post in this thread and you’ll be added to the list. As soon as we have your requested book in stock, we’ll let you know - either in-game or via a PM
[size=8pt]Note: If you do not collect your item within one (1) week, it will be put up for sale.


Current list:
Luck of the Sea: Javierero, SwordMaster
Efficency: Robin (2+)
Unbreaking: Robin (2+)

We’re on E row, second from warp.
Head west, and once you’ve passed a stall, turn right. You’ll see the bookshelves!

Thank you.


I am still conducting research into prices.
As a rough guess:

[ul][li]Single Enchant - Less than $50[/li]
[li]Two Enchants - ~ $100[/li]
[li]Three Enchants - ~ $150[/li]
[li]Four Enchants - ~$175[/li][/ul]

Extra-desirable enchants, like Fortune or Protection will be priced as more.

Do you need help uko?

Sounds pretty cool. I might buy a silk touch pick if you have the enchant. :slight_smile:

One thing I do need is ghast tears, magma cream and pufferfish. I’m buying both of those at my shop.

I do have some excess puffer fish I will hook you up tonight ok?

Sure, If I’m not on you can sell it to the shop. I’ve added a map to the post.

Do you think you’ll have the “Luck of the Seas” enchant? imma need one for my fishing rod xD

I’ll let you know when we’ve got one in stock.

Alright I guess I will be fishing and heading to the nether a lot more now…

Well i have 3 enchanted books that i wont ever use, if i give them to you can i get priority or a discount? :3

Also i would also like luck of the sea too. Ive been fishing a lot lately. I also have like 4 puffer fish

Could you post what the enchants are? If they’re vaguely good, I’ll give you a discount. If I don’t see you in game, you can sell pufferfish at my shop (top floor)

I need efficiency and unbreaking books (at least level 2)

I’d mostly be interested in armor and weapons-grade enchantments. I’d particularly like a Power 5 book at the moment.