Minecraft Username: XxgamingnukexX

Date of Ban: 05-01-2020

Banned by: MattDB

Reason for Ban: I stole a player’s horse.

Reason to be Unbanned: I want to start out and say before anything, I did not break into this base, I was a part of it. the reason for the ban said otherwise. I believe I should be let back on to the server for the reason that I will not do such a thing again. I didn’t know this was a bannable offense, although I should not have stolen the horse anyway. I was new to the server at the time and though it wasn’t a big deal. I am hoping these reasons will be enough to get back onto this server. had a lot of good times and I’m hoping they don’t end now. for more context, I was on the server maybe a week ago and saw that the town in which I lived was dead. therefore, I know this is bad, I stole a horse. keep in mind I did this a week ago, and only got banned today? this really confuses me. but anyways. im very sorry, i know this isn’t for apologies, but still. thank you for reading this if you have, and have a nice day.

thank you

Previous appeals: i have not had any previous apeals.

It wasn’t that you stole a horse alone, but Linkman claimed that you broke into the base in multiple spots in order to take it, which I logblocked to check. I replaced his horse, but it’s a minor offense, so nothing too serious don’t worry. He was very upset at this, and a player confirmed that you did indeed break in and take the horse anyways, but it’s not such a big deal. Honestly, the ban was more over breaking in and such, however thank you for appealing, I’d recommend not taking anything from another player unless you have permission.
Unbanned, welcome back :slight_smile:

yeah i’m just sorry about that, thanks for the fast appeal time though!

oh, im still banned, can you help out?

Should be unbanned now, sorry for the delay, was finishing up some work