XxCarCraftxX - 22nd of April, 2014


Minecraft Username XxCarCraftxX

Date of Ban 22nd of April, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban pvp

Reason to be Unbanned I dont understand why i got banned for unwanted pvp when i only fought and stoped and went to place to tp to me not tpa, tp. I dont find that fair

[ Ban History ] 10 other ban appeals found
20th of April, 2014

20th of April, 2014

16th of April, 2014

16th of April, 2014

16th of April, 2014

15th of April, 2014

10th of April, 2014

6th of April, 2014

12th of February, 2014

9th of February, 2014

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WHAT, THE, FLIP, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? We have told you MANY times to freaking stop appealing, fool. You are NOT getting unbanned, whether you like it or not mister. Get the flip away from this place, as you are annoying us all, and you ain’t exactly helping yourself. EVERY single one of these appeals is ridiculous, and it keeps getting more and more every time. Boy, if I had the power, I would have removed all services from you A LONG time ago. Get a life and stop appealing, we have told you to stop. YOU ARE NOT GETTING UNBANNED.

Good riddance

Okay This is the 10th ban appeal and we said that we are not going to unban you after you made your 4th ban appeal, so this is 6 more useless ban appeals that are just taking up space and giving false notifications. I think we are done here, stop making ban appeals.

Please stop making appeals, you are literally just wasting time making these. You are not getting unbanned. End. Of. Discussion.

We would like you to stop writing appeals. We have said no. Sorry.
<3 koalamama

Can we like super ip ban this guy?

I said about 8 appeals ago. You will not be unbanned. I will now ban any/all ips, emails and usernames associated with your account due to unnecessary spam of our ban appeals section.

Now fuck off.