XxCarCraftxX - 20th of April, 2014


Minecraft Username XxCarCraftxX

Date of Ban 20th of April, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Ouhai_Ruby

Reason for Ban unwanted pvp

Reason to be Unbanned koalamama im appalying for the samthing. they should make a rules sighn in l4D

[ Ban History ] 9 other ban appeals found
20th of April, 2014

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6th of April, 2014

12th of February, 2014

9th of February, 2014

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Okay Dude, GTFO. Not to be rude, but god you are annoying the living crap out of me with these appeals. They aren’t even good appeals, they’re pretty bad and pointless. We ain’t going to unban you, so why are you still making appeals? Seriously, just stop. I would remove ALL of our services from you, and I hope someone who is capable will do so. We’ve given you plenty of warnings.


This user has been banned from all PCB services, good riddance.