xQT - 24th of June, 2017


Minecraft Username xQT

Date of Ban 24th of June, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Vex

Reason for Ban "Illegal and most likely hacked potions"

Reason to be Unbanned Well… This didnt go well. But let me explain, I think this is a misunderstanding. With the new 1.12 toolbar you are able to save chest and shulkerboxes with NBT data. This means you can have access to command blocks with a command already in it. When the first 1.12 snapshot came out I immediantly started making command blocks with fun commands. One of them was a potions that gives one infinite blindness and other unpleasant stuff. Since Im not able to place command blocks, I ofcourse was not able to get these. But, whilst Kyle, Marco, Zwink and I were having a laugh, I asked Marco (a SOP, someone who CAN place command blocks) to place some of these harmless command blocks. He did, and we had great fun with all the goofy weird stuff. Then everyone went offline and I chilled on my own. When I saw vex was online, I TP’ed and used one of these potions on him, just for fun. One milk bucket and its all over. I guess he was not aware that Marco gave me these and it was all in good fun. Now, I know the next ban wouldve been permanent, but this was not hacked in, and I dont think illegal? So it is basicly a misunderstanding and I hope ya’ll see that… We’re off to a great start :c

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
24th of May, 2017

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Was this in Survival or Creative?


I was there and I did place the command block because it was nothing dangerous. The potion was pretty cool but shouldnt be spread.

Im sorry for using (spreading?) the potion, but is this worth a perm. ban…

In my opinion not, but I’ll leave it to Vex.

What is the time I approximately have to wait before I get an answer? @Vexnorz

Alright, do NOT keep any potions or command-block items like that nor call them ‘xQT’s Curse’