xQT - 14th of July, 2017


Minecraft Username xQT

Date of Ban 14th of July, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by No clue

Reason for Ban "doing a troll crash machine and doing malicious stuff around the server"

Reason to be Unbanned I took a small break from the server because I had some issues to take care off, but I missed this place, quite a lot, so I came back, to this…
I honestly have no clue where this is about, could someone explain? I have barely built in the new map, just a castle and small towers and stuff, I cant recall a single thing that could be considered harmfull…?!

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
24th of June, 2017

24th of May, 2017

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Banned by @EstevaoBuilder

Este is away for a few days/weeks I think. Will discuss and come up with a decision.

Alright… But does anyone actually know what it is I have been banned for…?!

I was there when Este banned you, actually. If I remember correctly, Este stumbled across a little block concrete structure underwater with a quartz slab floor. There were indents in the wall with skulker boxes at the base, and opening the shulker box would kick you from the server.

Regardless of whether this was built before or after your ban for the crazy potions, when you were unbanned, you were told not to mess around with any of these items anymore, and should’ve removed any still on the server.

But… How is that a crazy malicous machine…? I was bored and built an underwater structure, and used the blocks on my hotbar. Didnt tell anyone and it want harmfull on its own, unless you opened it, which I did not think anyone would do… Im sorry for using that block I guess but it wasnt not intended… Now my internet will be down for an hour, I hope you all see my innocence…

Your argument right now is basically “How is it malicious if I placed it intentionally?” and “I didn’t think anyone would actually find it.” What would you do if you stumbled across a strange mass underwater? Get up closer and see what it’s all about, right? And what would you do if you saw shulker boxes inside? Open those up to see what’s inside, right? Everything about that build screamed “see what’s inside of me”.

Once again, we’d warned you not to use your pre-NBTed blocks after your last ban. All this wasn’t a very smart decision on your behalf.

Well it wasnt meant to hurt the server, I swear. Think about it, I wouldve done something way different (and worse) if I would have wanted to harm the server. I now realise it was not a good idea to use these blocks in my palet, but I thought no one would evet find it anyway, and if they did, why would they open these boxes? And even if opened, its no permanent or even remotely lasting damage, just relog. So please, I hope you see that I had no malicious intentions and was just bored, building with what I had available. It really sucks to not be able to build on the brand new map. I beg forgiveness for my mistake…

You’ve already been given a warning about using items with modified NBT tags. Why would you do it again, regardless of intention?

This was another different object that does something else. I told some staff members, we had some fun with it, David and I even experimented with it elsewhere, and I didnt use it in any malicous way after. I just happend to have it in the toolbar I used for building, and I was bored and had some personal business that really messed with me (why I quit the server for a while) so I just went far away from people, deep in the sea, and pumped down some stuff. I told no one, TPéd no one, and forgot it… Im sorry for using them, but please let me play

I’m sorry QT, but I gave you an extra warning after your last appeal when I found you with the Hoe that increased your speed. You seemed to think that it was only the potions that were not allowed so I CLEARLY explained that you were not to use any of those objects under any circumstances and should get rid of them all. I was very lenient since the hoe was quite harmless however this is not harmless. Please explain how you thought you could use them despite my warning?

Edit: Have spoke to other members of staff who said they’ve also caught you with these objects and warned you to get rid of them.

I honestly think you had this coming.
I warned you multiple times along with @Vexnorz @Emfitty @ItzAndre_13 to get rid of these items. You kept saying you would, and never did, hiding them in various locations on the map. Even if that box did just kick the user, that is still a malicious item in my opinion as it affects people’s games. I told you single handidly multiple times to stop messing around with these coded items. I am sorry it came to this, but if you did not listen then I’m sorry but it’s too late to help now.

On an alternate note:

If you are perm banned then I guess I’ll miss you. U could be damn annoying at times but you are also a very friendly guy when in a good mood. And you are v good with redstone, and I want you to see your talent goes noticed especially by Mount and I.
Wish you well. :slight_smile:


Does this mean its really the end for me on this server…
Fuck I’ll miss this place, but I made my mistakes and I guess therefor I have no place here anymore. This truely was my favourite server Ive ever played on, and I’ve seen a lot. I’ll really miss almost everyone here, I’ll never forget the many hours I spent here. It fucking sucks to leave but its my fault and Im sorry for that… I’ll hope to return one day, if you all will let me. Say goodbye to my frens and foes in my name. I guess this will be the last time groe signs off…

id like to add that you were warned against using items like these in the past but you kept using them. however, you’ve done nothing to harm the server or its players- inside the shulker box was just a firework that made whoever opened the box get kicked from the server. All they have to do is click back onto the server and nothing is changed. Its no different from a staff member kicking a player, or a guest reloging to earn member, or anyone else relogging due to lag. As annoying as it could be for whoever opened it, it does no harm to the server or anyone online. Although you’ve been banned for this stuff in the past, I would recommend a tempban rather than a permaban because you’ve apologized, showed that you want to come back and that you meant no harm. If my recommendation is used, and you actually are unbanned down the road, if you’re caught using items like these again you’ll probably be gone for much longer. so on that note, I highly recommend you remove anything like that from your toolbar the next time you join.

EDIT: to what you just said above this, no, this isnt your last time here yet. This case will either be opened until Este can respond, a SOP will take over it, or we can lock this and unlock it once este comes back. You arent permabanned as of right now

Personally I’d be up for a temp ban with a member demotion until he earns trusted (Aparently not trusted) again. People have done MUCH worse and have been allowed back on and have gotten better. We can see how Este or a SOP handles it though.

Just saw the thread, found some time to answer it:

All argumentos stated above are valid. Gro, you have been warned several times and basically ignored it. It is clear that you had no malicious intentions, at least for me. So, theorically, your offense falls in not listening to staff, essentially (the itens were pretty much inofensive, but you failed several times to remove them).You will star banned for 2 months, however, ANY offense commited after you are unbanned, even it being small, you will be PERMBANNED, so Watch out, the floor is thick.

September 14th, date of your unban.

I AM member… RIGHT?!

Yes. I think Pie was just confused. You’ll stay Member.

Resolved, locked.

Just in time to unban. I can’t get on soon, can somone unban?

You are on thin ice, xQT, you proved to be a really good member, but end with all trolls that made you get in trouble.

Unbanned, locked.