x10mark2 - 23rd of January, 2014


Minecraft Username x10mark2

Date of Ban 23rd of January, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ouhi

Reason for Ban gref

Reason to be Unbanned First of all I did not grief second of all all I did was take rags stuff after I killed him when he attacked me because I accidentally misspelled his name he came after me and killed me for no reason so when he tried again I killed him and claimed my prize I was taught the rules of the server by topgearwill and he said that if you kill someone you get to keep their stuff so I think I should’ve been informed about the fact that you don’t in fact get to keep the spoils before ouhi Ban me plus rag called me a mofo we use the actual words though as I recall there are rules against this kind of insult and un-consented PVP I mean really? people I take his stuff because I won it he swears in front of a senior operator and I’m the one who gets ban ??? All I did was defend myself as far as I know it I can’t be banned for that he was breaking the rules of the server the rules of the town and blatantly disrespected gooby when she asked him to leave the town

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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1st. You said you “didn’t give a dame” about calling me by my actual name, and you keep saying rag instead of RGA
2nd. I said I would call you mofo all the time if you did not stop calling me rag
3rd. Ouhai corrected the ban reason
4th. Don’t mess with my stuff
5th. The SOP told you to give the stuff back
6th. You would not follow instructions
7th. Don’t blame this on topgearwill, this is nothing about him.
8th. I told you not to mess with my stuff, yet you still did. I am not in a ‘war’ or anything.
9th. If you are unbanned, DO NOT touch me, or my stuff. Don’t call me rag, call me RGA. And LEAVE me the crap alone.
10th. I am insulting you? Well don’t kill me or call me rag. And swearing is not a rule either.

OK, I corrected the ban reason already. It’s for stealing. I forgot to put one in 1st time and griefing is just what it defaults to.

I don’t know where people get the idea that you can keep stuff from PvP battles. That sort of stuff has to be agreed before you start PvPing.
Since this was unconsented PvP (by both of you) you should assume that the stuff should be given back.

Regardless, I told you to give him his stuff back at least twice. It doesn’t matter what you understand the rules to be, you do as the staff tell you. You blatantly refused to give the items back every time you were asked, instead just saying it was unconsented PvP.

No, RGA shouldn’t have attacked you, but you shouldn’t have provoked him. You could have just apologised, but instead you took the piss. Taking the piss never gets you anywhere in life.

I do want you to come back, but I want people to realise we take PvP seriously.

Temp-ban, 2 days.

To all staff: I want to see more temp-bans. We let people off too easily.