So suddenly pedo’s are talking to me via E-mail and facebook. Is it Pedember or something?

They’ve been saying “I luv you, your pretty -Censored-” And “You’re beautiful with yo hair and your bo-censored-” WAI?

LOL!!! Sounds like you have some creeper problems…nothing a diamond sword can’t fix.

Emails/Facebook accounts plox?

This guy’s called Shanu Classic on facebook and this guy’s e-mail is [email protected]

honestly vaio, these are going around, my sister and her friends were harassed by a “Nelly the Giraffe” or something lol, just block/ ignore the people doing it.

as soon as I figure out they’re pedos I remove, block n report them

That is one of the reasons why I barely facebible.

Deleted my Facebook account a while ago, now people invite me to parties by actually talking to me, not by simply sending me a notification. :smiley:

I am never on facebook, then when i get on i have like 10 or so friend requests and i feel bad, with maybe 5 different notifications, i prefer to talk face to face