WTF happend??

So last night 2/7/14 I was working in the creative spawn at the warp of creative2. Things where fine until it turns out I had to move my work over. I had no problem with that, but I had gotten off cause I had things to take care of. I come back today and the same person who said I had to move my building (mathiasskuuh) has taken that entire plot and now I can’t build anywhere in creative spawn. Even though last night I could. Now I have been screwed over in two of the three creative worlds. So why cant I build there anymore?

Edit: Ok after asking a few time I know why I can’t build in the spawn area. But I would like to know why mathiasskuuh was able to scoop up the land I was working on before the protection was added.

Edit 2: Never mind its taken care of. I do want to shout out to Marco for helping me out with it.