wrongly banned

I posted this yesterday after trying to make a ban appeal but when I went to make one the vertification code would not show.
It said on thier that I was unbanned so when I try go on it today it said I was banned from server: griefing
I never griefed and if I did it was not intentional. i know I cut down a few trees so I could start building. Please this is a good server and I dont want to miss out
My minecraft name is also rawrzzzzzzz and i was banned on 10-02-2013 by hard24get

Format? Anyway, I recommend using this: http://projectcitybuild.com/appeal.php

You were unbanned. Locked.

I guess i didn’t see his the appeal yesterday. But me and cherry were fixing some stuff that wasn’t supposed to be built in fili’s city. A big size plot was tore down and his name came up on the logs so i banned and rolled back. My mistake if what i rolled back was still your friend.