Minecraft Username: Worrior_of_Time
Approximate Date of Ban:
OP Who Banned You: SwordMaster_

Reason for Ban: Greifed im sorry for doing it!
Reason for Unban: Greifed im sorry for doing it!
Server: Classic

Well, so you finally admitted it. I am not sure if you deserve to get unbanned, worr. You refused to do just this, had lied about having your brother using your account, and also griefed because you got upset. You were also very irritating, and had a tendency to insult others… often. So, I will leave it up to other staff to reach a consensus, but, at the moment for me, I would have to say no. Sorry.


Read above.

No from me. You could have done this so easily right from the start, but instead came on with numerous alt accounts which I banned, lied about others using your account, then there was the making up stories in your other ‘appeal’ thing. You were quite abusive on the server too to some people, and as mentioned, the griefing was ‘revenge’ over something very minor.
If others decide you should be given another chance, I will go with that, but it seems unlikely.

I dont think so bub.


Well i kinda over looked this for the longest time. :stuck_out_tongue: Mostly cuz i figured this would be something that every body would agree on. And it is, nobody really wants to let someone back like him. If i had to guess, i would say most of yall are happy that he is banned for a real reason now. :stuck_out_tongue: I would have to say no as well, since he for one, did not think this through to well. The fact that he lied gets him way less of a chance to get back. So like everybody else in this appeal, i would have to say no.

This seems conclusive enough, and has been open for 24 hours.