Working TV

so i was in creative today and was talking to Cherryred and Liam599 and was telling them about my TV that really works in my Mansion on Survival.
so i decided to let everyone else know how to get this going. i found out how on youtube, here is the link:How to Make Working TV Minecraft!
enjoy and tell me what you think! ;D

Lol :slight_smile:

It has a great beat to it! :smiley:

CC-TV mod


ok just saying i LOVE all of you guys, but Zesty, you have to be my fave on the actual forums… i love how you can troll a troll with a meme

posts wizrds n shit
get people to think you r 1337 tr0l
mfw profit

Aww, I thought it might have been a feature snuck in the game. It does seem possible to really create clips for a “tv”. As ggg said, there are real mods that can do this.

I got rolled.

i mean… i tried… dear god i really tried!

The thumbnail has rick astley in it, I knew it was coming.

I didnt know his name but I know he’s from Men In Black! XD

*Tries to sing song.
*Fails first time.
*Mutes song.
*Sings perfectly on second attempt, with a few new words or so. XD

Jokes on you. I dance to this song every day at 08:36am.