Working Mob Farm Elevator 1.18!

I was struggling to get skeletons into the bubble column elevator! And finally this is the only mob elevator design I found that works! So basically the bit on the end that flows back behind the elevator, you wanna place a block above the soul sand to get it to flow back there FIRST. THEN break the block to get it flow down, and of course to make the bubble column #Activate you wanna put kelp all the way up the water then break it. And boom you have bubbles. Also please note the FENCE in front and one block down from the soul sand, that helps the mobs smoothly walk forward. It’s kinda hard to see in the screenshot. I was reading that skeletons need to fall 23 blocks to be one hit killed, but that’s going to cause a lot of them to die of fall damage. You need it a few blocks less to get them to not die from the fall. And then they will be two hit kills, but you won’t lose any skelly’s. Also I made my skeleton killing area three blocks wide instead of one block, because there’s a mob cap on how many can be on one block at a time then they die. I finally got my skeleton XP farm set up just, bare bones in survival. Working on my base slowly, trying to design it in creative single player first so I know what I want it to look like.

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