Wooly's coming out of retirement.....kinda

hello again folks

after a year out im partially coming back but with a new idea and i need you guys help.

the idea is a modern housing development team and interior furnishing group. as you can probably remember i have a skill at interiors and modern design and my idea will be taking the best builders we have and essentially helping cities expand and also when the new bigcity comes along furnishing the buildings,houses,flats and offices.

If people dont want their stuff furnished by me and the team i plan to resurrect IDEAS (my ikea spin off) which will be filled with inspiration from kitchens, offices, living rooms, garages, gardens you name it it will be in there and you can all put in your own ideas in small plots.

If you would like to be part of my small team let me know below

Much love Wooly19

Of course seeing as im coming back if possible can i have me old rank back???



Welcome back, Wooly. It’s nice to see you return. At the moment, I don’t need anything furnished, and I don’t plan on joining the new team, but thanks for asking. Also, the rank you received when you joined, [Retired], was created about a month ago, and all archived staff members have it now, until they return to become active again.

Welcome back, mr woolyman, if you are planning to do that team, Budapest needs you!

holy moly the great wooly has returned!


Hey Wooly!! I am wanting to join your little team!!

If you want to see what I build just /warp Avalon :wink:

You already KNOW I’m all in for this idea :clap:t4::clap:t4: If you need to see some of my work, I’ll /mail you in game when I get on

Wooly welcome back!

well get this rolling soon

Or you could just help in BigCity since thats where all the help for anything interior related needs the most work - welcome back

i probably will be there the most if im honest as ill be on every so often in the week

Welcome Back Wooly it’s good to see you again!! =D