wooly19 - 29th of October, 2015


Minecraft Username wooly19

Date of Ban 29th of October, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by VRA

Reason for Ban Chill

Reason to be Unbanned It’s only a temp ban until tomorrow I believe which I could probably live with. But I think the reason for my ban is the heated discussion with jumpa_jumpa who made comments about my mother (deceased) dipping into his “cumpot” on a regular basis. Then I told him about her then he said he’s a necrophiliac of which I got irate over. I think VRA saw my rage at the wrong point. I can’t have a go at him for the ban it’s just I was looking to reapply for mod on sunday and this ban might affect that. Like I said I can live with a temp ban it’s not an issue I just wanted to tell my side of the story and just follow the procedure.


[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Sorry I didn’t want to mess the format:

VRA was only following his role as being an OP+ and making the server a better place of which I thank you and I hope we can sort this out. You don’t have to prioritise this appeal I’ll quite happily wait until the temp ban is over

This ban appeal ties the case with Jumpa together for me.

This sounds utterly ridiculous. You two were arguing. I understand. Tempbans were issued to keep the peace.

VRA was in the right here for doing this. Now my input:

You were insulted. I get that. I respect that, it was a touchy subject. While you probably shouldn’t have stricken out at him like that, and kept your cool, it’s at least understood why.

As for Jumpa (I will copy this into the other thread) You were WAY THE FUCK out of line, dude. Not cool.

If I can see logs/screenshots, I would appreciate it. As it stands, 24 hours for Wooly to relax and calm down is fine by me. For Jumpa, I feel a longer sentence is optional, and I would not oppose it.

Hi Wooly,
thanks for addressing this in a mature fashion. The temp ban was only 15 minutes.

The argument became quite meaningless and there were insults being tossed around. The ban was to give you both a chance to cool down. It was not intended to damage your chances at applying for any prospective position. Please try and avoid conflict in the future by simply ignoring these types of arguments.


I’m no good with time zones so I did know. I understand and completely agree. I was only wondering if it would at all affect my application and I’m sure it won’t. Cheers for resolving this and acting as a responsible member of staff in an intense moment.

My reply is the same as the one to VRA.

Im going to lock this now.