woodelf42 - 1st of April, 2016


Minecraft Username woodelf42

Date of Ban 1st of April, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Madant

Reason for Ban Anti-jew stuff

Reason to be Unbanned Ok, sorry again for reposting this, but again as i explained before i cant log in… To delete my posts… Or to reply…

Here is a log of all my anti-jew stuff
-yesterday, i was joking around with a jewish guy because im muslim, we both agknowledged we were joking
-yesterday, i built a small swaschtika, but after being chided by a friend, i quickly destroyed it.
-today, i built another one. I was banned, i appealed the ban, and it was lifted.

Unless the complaints were about those three things, all three of which i highly doubt, i assure you i am innocent. Also im in the middle of building a really cool restaunt and i dont wanna lose my focus

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
1st of April, 2016

31st of March, 2016

31st of March, 2016

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Ok, Madant should be responding soon as he sounded like he had a strong opinion on his last post. If you can PM, you can PM me your responses and I will post them under your name if you’d like.

Yes, the banning is a result of complaints from other members who were on the server. They stated that you made anti Semitic remarks, created swastikas on more than one occasion, as well as zionistic remarks.

Others may chime in at any point regarding what they witnessed

Well done Madant in full agreement we dont need things like this on the server or anything to do with religion.

No no, ANTI-zionist remarks. I mean theres plenty to disagree upon with zionists perhaps, but it was not done respectably and upon learning I was jewish I was called a zionist on a few occasions as if it was a slur.

He also said some stuff about taking back israel a bunch of stuff in arabic that I didnt understand

Geeawf, it was in my understanding that you and I both acknowledged we were joking. I even admitted afterwards that I liked the Jews and thought they deserved Israel.

I assumed a few lighthearted jokes about Zionism wouldn’t be taken as seriously as they were. Now that I know that people such as Geeawf took serious offense to my statements, I can recalibrate myself. However, I really enjoy playing on this server, and I implore you to not bar me from the community simply because of a misunderstanding between friends.

I anxiously await your response.

I think it’s better to find out if those kinds of remarks are okay before heading to assumptions. There’s a saying which goes “ask for permission first, not for forgiveness later.”

I will unban you. Please refrain from making any comments as such in the future; and on the same token, if you find that someone else on the server makes similarly offensive remarks, please report it, and they, too will be banned.