Wood Ridge [Medevil City] P1

Wood Ridge [Medevil City] P1

I have been gathering resourses to build a city and the name will be Wood Ridge. I have plenty of resourses to begin the city. This post is for the introduction of starting this city. I need these items and/or blocks to continue.

Donation List

Spruce Wood
Birch Wood
Any Wood Planks
Gravel [Paths]
Pressure Plate [Any Kind]
Smooth Stone
Iron Bars
Tools [Picks, Axes, Spades, etc]
Iron, Gold or any other ore stuff
Buckets [For Lava, Water, etc]
Signs [For Direction and/or any other stuff]
Glass Pane
Food [For Workers so they dont get alot of Hunger]
Weapons [Jobs and Mobs]
Iron Blocks [Iron Golems]
Pumpkins and/or Jack-O-Lanterns [Iron Golems or other stuff]
Helpers and a Diamond or a Emerald Block [Only One]

I also need some people to help and make the process faster. But you also get payed at the end of the build. Please choose wisely because im not spending all my time helping you know how to do your job. Here is a small list of what you can do to help. Please ask me for any jobs.

Helper Positions

Owner and Founder [Me]
Co-Owner [Special Position] $1000
Lumber Jack [Wood is still Needed] $50
Miner [You cant grow Cobble on trees] $50
Builder [Common Job you help build] $No Pay
Designer [Helps Me choose the Theme]$500

Thats about it and here are some thing you need to know about them.

Co-Owner: You have to have built and help most of the Process of building Wood Ridge.
Builder: Please ask me before building anything and show me what you built after you are finished.
Designer: I have to agree on the design before you use it as a theme.

Thats all about jobs and here is more info about Wood Ridge.

I will have a chest to donate in at my shop at the Market so you can donate to the build. I will help the build as much as I can so you guys dont have to work at all of it. You have to donate before you can apply for a position. If you dont have enough resourses please ask for more or use your own. If you are building Wood Ridge please dont build like you dont have enough sense to build a nice looking building. I dont want any glowstone or advanced redstone because Medevil people didnt even have Minecraft [Such a Bad Era For The Universe]. I will need lots of help in the building of this city because i need a list of things to make it a city. I also need a few people to help find a good spot to clear out to build the city at so that is a big job. Sorry about the large amount of money for jobs ,but I mostly need it for buying supplies for the city. You can ask me if you want to build somthing and I might say yes depening on the theme and how much I approve of it. I may have not been on the sever for a while but there are but i have lots of supplies so far but i dont think its a big enough amount of items to do the entire city. If you have any questions or comments please reply. To find my shop look on the bottom floor and look for a place with alot of cake and its called Z Shop. To donate to the build there is a chest behind the counter. Please ask me [Only Me] for a job to help. I will give credit to all those who helped. This is part 1 of Wood Ridge so I will make further posts about the progress of the city. Please dont put your junk in the chest to donate to the build, because then i have to clean the chest of items and i end up with a bunch of junk. I am looking forward to doing another post so i can tell you how the city is doing. Thanks For Reading My Post And The Courds are below.

X: 5227
Y: 71
Z: -2791

Answers From Questions

You get payed the amount shown on above at the end of build.
Namillo im still gonna live in Tejada for a long while. I dont even know if im gonna move out.
Anima you can use the wood you have I have plenty of wood due to living in Tejada. Great you can start helping when me and all the helpers including you are there we will clear out the dirt. Then you can bring wood that you chop for the city. Also you can help build.

[progress=89]Building Progress[/progress]

Got people to help and Wood Ridge has a warp. :smiley: /Warp WoodRidge

People Helping And Their Status On The Build

Animangastar101- Built second floor to town hall.Built community farm. 40%

CKKuhl- Built town hall. 17%

Artemasfowl- Has not built anything that I know of. 1%

I can help with building soon. I’ve almost finished the basic buildings in EdgeHaven.

You have to pay to become a miner to help build the city, lol what?

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Why would you do this to meh! :’(


Hes the Recruiter for my city… Tejada

I could be a lumber jack and a builder, Also you can use my tree farm anytime, I’ll have to show you where it is though first.

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The New Owner Of Wood Ridge Is [Drum Plays In The Backround]


ANIMANGASTAR101!!! Because I Am Leaving So He Is Given That

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